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Weekly Update 08/16/2007

Aug. 20, 2007
August 16, 2007 NEWSLETTER SPONSORTHINK AGAIN! SALES PROMOTION If you thought you could not afford a Sodick linear EDM...think again! Sodick, Inc. is announcing a limited time special ...
August 16, 2007
THINK AGAIN! SALES PROMOTION If you thought you could not afford a Sodick linear EDM...think again! Sodick, Inc. is announcing a limited time special sales promotion for selected EDM models. The special sales promotion makes it even more affordable to run a Sodick linear motor EDM. All machines come with Sodick's original linear motor drives, glass scale feedback, 10 year positioning guarantee, on-board programming and the ability to import CAD files. The AD3L sinker EDM also includes a tooling chuck and shuttle tool changer. Only 10 machines of each model are available. Click on the below hyperlink for more information or call 1.888.639.2325 or e-mail us at [email protected] . AQ300L wire EDM: $477 / week*AQ327L wire EDM: $659 / week*AQ537L wire EDM: $799 / week*AD3L sinker EDM: $489 / week*

* Based on a 36 month lease term. End of lease options: Purchase equipment for 46% of the original equipment cost, return equipment or re-lease. Subject to credit approval.

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New Insert Geometries, Grades and Tool Configurations If you need to cut a variety of materials, new insert geometries, grades and tool configurations will give you greater flexibility and productivity. For instance, a new indexable insert range includes eight, positive cutting edge geometries. The new cutting grade and cutting edge geometry combination work with any cutting situation and any type of steel, from unalloyed structural steel to heat-treated or highly alloyed stainless steel. They are designed for low cutting depths and for applications involving stringent precision and surface quality requirements.
Keeping Inserts Cool
To combat high temperatures at an insert's cutting edge that can shorten its life and contribute to reduced quality, manufacturers have devised innovative techniques for delivering coolant just where it's needed - at the insert cutting edge. A new upgrade to parting inserts features a coolant hole that passes through the insert to an outlet near the cutting edge. The inserts are designed for parting and grooving operations on stainless steel and high temperature alloys.
Developments in Face Grooving Inserts
A new series of face grooving inserts is good for machining any diameter above 12 mm (0.472 in.) with groove depths to 40 mm (1.575 in.). Made of solid, micrograin carbide, the inserts are for machining aluminum, brass, copper, plastics and high-temperature alloys. The grade has a high-temperature coating for machining steels, stainless steels and cast steels.
New Endmill for Long-Reach Applications
If you need an endmill for long-reach applications, and one that can finish hardened-steel (greater than 47 HRc) dies and molds, a new extra long ball nose endmill might be what you are looking for. The carbide endmill can machine pre-hardened materials in a single setup to reduce the number of process steps in an application to cut lead times.
Improved Coated Carbide Grade
A new coated carbide grade has a substrate, edge honing and fine TiCN CVD coating to meet the needs of a range of turning and boring applications - from roughing cast iron to finish turning steels and stainless steels.
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