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Weekly Update 04/10/2008

April 11, 2008
April 10, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Keyence Mark Products of Varying Heights and Shapes at Production Speeds The new KEYENCE MD-V9900 YVO4 Laser Marker has the world's first 3-axis ...
Mark Products of Varying Heights and Shapes at Production Speeds The new KEYENCE MD-V9900 YVO4 Laser Marker has the world's first 3-axis X, Y and Z beam control, a 42mm focal length, variable beam spot size and a 300 x 300mm marking area. Stepped or inclined surfaces, cylinders or spheres that cause problems for conventional markers can now be marked distortion-free at production line speeds. For details and specs, go to
Profilers Tackling Ti for Boeing Joint Venture
Titanium is big in aerospace, and machining the material can be a challenge, especially when working with large parts. However, shops can increase manufacturing efficiency for such work using multiple-spindle profilers that are built to optimize machining titanium. Read Full Story
Aerospace Materials Demand Changeable Heads On Machines
In aerospace applications, carbon-fiber-enhanced materials require the use of titanium for structural components and fittings. Machines for working with these materials must have high rigidity, vibration damping and powerful feed forces. The drawback is that conventional tool-based machines, such as those for separate roughing and finishing processes, are no longer suitable, according to one machine tool builder. Changeable heads are the way to go. Read Full Story
New Machines Replace Linear Machines In Aerospace Work
Look out linear-motor machines for aerospace work. One builder presents its new series of machines and promises that they will give linear-motor machines a run for their money. Read Full Story
Cutting Changeover Time For Aerospace Part Production
For an aerospace shop, sub-plates and a grid system shortened part changeovers to the tune of a 91 percent savings on set-up times and a total savings of 81 percent on part cycle times over an old dedicated system. Read Full Story
Increasing Productivity For High-Volume Grinding
High-volume grinding, especially in aerospace and automotive applications, just got more productive thanks to some innovative part-loading systems. Read how two grinding-machine builders overcame the challenges of automating two different grinding processes. Read Full Story
3rd Annual Benchmarking Survey

American Machinist is conducting its 3rd annual Benchmarking Survey, providing the industry with the largest body of performance benchmark data available on machine shop operations. Key findings from the study will be reported in the magazine and American throughout the year, and the results will enable managers, like you, to compare your facilities to industry norms and gain a competitive edge in today's challenging business environment.
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So I Am Witnessing the Death of Engineering As We Know it
"Kids don't make stuff anymore." Read Full Story
Brain Pickin'
"I'd like to get some thoughts on early 1900's Old Iron." Read Full Story
Ever Drag a 3,000 lb Machine Up Ramps Into Pickup Truck?
Hope you have friends. Read Full Story
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