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July 28, 2006
July 27, 2006 Advanced Registration Trending Upwards With the world's most vast demonstration of machine tools just weeks away, advanced registration is up over the 2004 event. This is a testament of explosive global growth and ...
July 27, 2006
Advanced Registration Trending Upwards
With the world's most vast demonstration of machine tools just weeks away, advanced registration is up over the 2004 event. This is a testament of explosive global growth and companies striving to meet the demand with the newest generation of manufacturing equipment. As a reminder, advance online registration at, only $25 per person, ends August 4, 2006. Register by phone at 1-888-346-8925 from August 5 through September 1 for a $50 fee. After September 1, register on-site for a $50 fee. Groups can register online and receive a discounted rate of $15 per person. A group consists of five or more people, and MUST be registered at the same time. Group registration also closes August 4, 2006. Doug Hall Keynote Speaker at SME Conference
America′s #1 idea guru will give the keynote address at the Competitive Manufacturers Conference, sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Long before finding acclaim as the "truth teller" judge on ABC′s American Inventor, Doug Hall began his career at age 12, inventing and selling a line of magic and juggling kits. After earning a chemical engineering degree from the University of Maine he joined Procter & Gamble where he rose to the rank of Master Marketing Inventor - creating and shipping a record 9 innovations in 12 months. Doug is the founder and CEO of the Eureka! Ranch located in Cincinnati with offices in London and Monterrey, Mexico. The ranch is an "invention & research think tank" that specializes in igniting bold thinking on new products and services for leading corporate clients. Dateline NBC described him as an "eccentric entrepreneur who just might have what we′ve all been looking for - the happy secret to success." His book, Jump Start Your Business Brain, was a No. 1 national bestseller. To register for the conference that brings together industry experts from that share the most useful and up-to-date technical information available, go to Emerging Technology Center Introduces ASPE Talks
In addition to exploring the future of products and services, the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) will launch a speaker series. The American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) Talks will feature hot topics from industry experts on designated days. Here′s a sample of the line-up: Thursday Sept. 7th

Dynamic Spindle Measurement
Don Martin, Lion Precision
Learn how to identify the "sweet" and "sour" speeds of your machine before cutting a part and to evaluate the capability of each machine in your shop with respect to part tolerances, position errors, roundness errors and surface finish capability. This session also covers establishing a spindle quality base line that can be used in predictive maintenance and crash damage evaluation. Friday, Sept. 8th

High Performance Machining: A Dynamic View
Tony L. Schmitz, University of Florida
Covers the role of machining dynamics in chatter avoidance and part accuracy based on the relationship between machine-spindle-holder-tool stiffness and damping, and the tool vibrations caused by the cutting force. Saturday, Sept. 9th

Improving Machine Performance with Thermal Knowledge
Dan Luttrell, Moore Tool
Thermal effects are the largest source of apparent non-repeatability in machines and often become the limiting factor for machine accuracy. To improve repeatability and accuracy, this talk spotlights the fundamentals of thermal effects on machines along with the basics of measuring and controlling temperature. Tuesday, Sept. 12th

Engineering Nanotechnology
Bob Hocken, Professor, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Nanotechnology can be defined as "the study, development and processing of materials, devices, and systems in which structure on a dimension of less than 100 nm is essential to obtain the required functional performance." This talk highlights more than a decade of research in nano-cutting, nano-positioning with the Sub-Atomic Measuring Machine (SAMM), sensing with Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopes (NSOMs), and a new machine for nanoimprinting. The Emerging Technology Center is sponsored by The Ex One Company. World′s First Digital Architecture Ripples In
Thousands of attendees pouring into the McCormick Place entrance at Level 2.5 will get a novel opportunity to explore an award-winning display. HypoSurface™ the world′s first digital architecture, will make its North American debut at IMTS 2006. The interactive piece is a reconfigurable, 3D screen that reacts in real time to surrounding motion and sound. Driven by a bed pneumatic pistons, HypoSurface™ was originally created as an interactive artwork in the UK. Get a preview of this technology at: will carry a full schedule of the ASPE Talks as we draw closer to the event. Catch The American Machinist Webcast on If you missed The Machine Shop Dashboard: Key Measurements that drive success in every machine shop webcast last week, go to for a rebroadcast. The response was outstanding, ranking as American Machinist's second most-watched webcast ever. For a free viewing, go to
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