KMT Reorganizes After Recent US Acquisitions

Dec. 20, 2006

Swedish firm KMT ( has reorganized their management structure due to the recent acquisitions of Robotic Production Technology (RPT) ( and H2O Jet, Inc. ( KMT now will operate as four entitites: KMT Waterjet, KMT Robotic Systems, KMT Precision Grinding and KMT Sheet Metal Working. KMT says its recent acquisitions made it the global leader in robotic waterjet and trimming applications, including waterjet pumps for automotive applications and spare parts markets. KMT also said it has gained process knowledge in trimming applications outside waterjet technology such as laser cutting, router and knife trimming. “By combining KMT Cutting Systems with KMT Waterjet Systems existing organizations, international experiences and distribution channels with RPT’s strong brand and H2O Jet’s strong know-how in nozzle technology, we see considerable growth opportunities globally,” said Lars Bergstrom, president and CEO of KMT. “Moreover, the acquisitions of RPT and H2O Jet will create cost synergies with KMT’s Waterjet Product Area, as well as providing access to new exciting market segments with significant potential,” said Bergstrom.