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eBulletin, March 2007

March 27, 2007
March 27, 2007 NEWSLETTER SPONSORGet Welding Solutions helps manufacturers identify and solve welding-related issues by offering success stories, technical articles by industry experts and welding's first blog. See how ...
March 27, 2007
NEWSLETTER SPONSORGet Welding helps manufacturers identify and solve welding-related issues by offering success stories, technical articles by industry experts and welding's first blog. See how applying Kaizen to welding operations increases FCAW travel speeds by 59%, learn more about the technology that reduces operator frustration and produces 169% ROI, and much more.
Featured Articles
The March 2007 issue of American Machinist includes features on reducing set up time, ways to improve the performance of your metalworking fluids and a report on a fast-growing segment of the auto industry --- restoring old cars. In addition to those reports, highlights from the issue include a lengthy letters-to-the-editor section and the following articles: There is an opportunity in aerospace The materials that are being designated for the new generation of aircraft are approaching the hardness of the tools that are used to cut them. The challenge is to find a tool material, a cutting technique or a new technology that will help aircraft makers to be more efficient. Read more. A fighting monument The Avondale shipyard in New Orleans is building the fifth of a new class of amphibious assault ships for the U.S. Navy. The USS New York will be put into action with a bow section made from steel salvaged from the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York. That bow section and the ship will be launched later this year, and is a monument to the people who died in the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001. Read more. Side-by-Side There are many features to consider when you think about buying a Swiss-style turning machine. We have put those features together for a quick and easy reference, so you can compare the leading machines. Read more.
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Exact JobBOSS is an effective and affordable software system for job shops / custom manufacturers. It provides them with the flexibility they need to respond to the day-in and day-out changes to schedule dates, quantities and part specifications. And the visibility and control they need to compete and win! Learn more about JobBOSS with one click. Or call 1-800-777-4334 to talk with one of our job shop experts.
Practical Machinist Metalworking Forum
Machinist your examples "I was looking over some parts that I had laying around and couldn't help but marvel at the skill that it took to make them."Repairing a mistake in a die"Hypothetically speaking how would you modify a station on a die if it was drilled reamed, and found to be off center?"What is stoning? "I've heard the term stoning to take away surface defects on a milling table or the bore of a morse taper."
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Makino— a leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical machining centers and EDM machines — has announced a new series of online Webinars. Designed for shops of all types and sizes, the seminars are free to anyone who registers. The planned seminars are intended for shops in the automotive, aerospace, medical product and die and mold industries. In addition to metal cutting and die/mold, the seminars will cover new technologies, such as micromachining. Mark Rentschler, marketing manager, says, "Online seminars allow anyone with an Internet connection to attend without losing a day of work." The seminars concentrate on shop efficiency, lean manufacturing, asset utilization, machine tool integration and automation, machine tool technologies, and metal cutting processes. Makino's application engineers, product managers and guest speakers will give presentations. Click here for more info on upcoming seminars and registration information.
American Machinist's Machine Shop Workshop
Use Data. Get more competitive. Increase profit. Machine shop managers will learn a systematic approach to improve operations by using AM′s benchmarking tools for Operations, Customer Satisfaction, Finance and Human Resources. Attendees leave with a plan to achieve continuous improvement, and a differentiating business strategy. Don′t miss this opportunity to improve your business. Held in Cleveland, November 7-9, 2007 at the Marriott at Key Center. Click here to register.
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Now you can get the latest edition of American Machinist delivered directly to your PC.Click here to learn more about the digital edition.
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The CNC Best Kept Secrets Series of educational webcasts from GE Fanuc and American Machinist is designed to educate manufacturers on the often overlooked ways to prevent downtime, enhance the speed of machine tools, and improve part quality. Click here for more information.
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FREE WHITE PAPERFive Ways ERP Can Help You Implement Lean Learn how leveraging ERP for Lean will help deliver shorter lead times, improved quality, reduced cost, increased profit, improved productivity and better customer service. Read Today.
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