M2M is now Consona

March 9, 2007

M2M Holdings Inc. has changed its name to Consona Corp. CEO Jeff Tognoni and Battery Ventures started M2M Holdings in 2003 with the purchase of Made2Manage Systems. Over the past three years, the company has added nine leading ERP and CRM companies to the business and more than tripled in size.
"Our expansion, in addition to the confusion in the marketplace associated with the difference between M2M Holdings and the Made2Manage solution, has spurred us to find a clearer way to be able to discuss and market our various product lines. So we put a team together that would find a name that is not only memorable, unique and available, but also whose meaning will better reflect what we are trying to do as a corporation, and that name is Consona," said Tognoni.
The new name, Consona, is derived from the concept of consonance, which describes the alignment of elements within a single entity. As a software and services provider, the company believes its new name summarizes the aspects of the company's strategy of remaining central to each line of business within the company, including high-fit software, customer care and efficient, profitable operations.