UGS releases Parasolid version 19.0 and Bosyshop version 10.0

July 26, 2007

UGS PLM Software, a division of Siemens Automation and Drives ( and a global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, announced the availability of Parasolid version 19.0 (V19.0) software, the latest release of its PLM geometric modeling component software.

Parasolid V19.0 is fully supported on Windows Vista operating system and delivers extended support for key functions in modeling, editing, blending and rendering. The addition of new capabilities, which include enhancements to sheet extension and trimming, blend construction and regeneration, and surface and tessellation quality, mean that users of Parasolid-based systems can look forward to greater automation of workflows in model construction, editing, interoperability and downstream processing. Also included in V19.0 are new options for configuring and monitoring the results of rendering and validation operations to further improve application performance and ease of implementation.

To help the next generation of innovators accelerate their Parasolid-based developments, Parasolid V19.0 ships with an enhanced set of developer support tools including Parasolid Workshop.Net, a new support application that employs the latest Microsoft technologies to demonstrate best practice guidelines for developing Parasolid-based systems. Delivered with full source code and documentation, Parasolid Workshop.Net also includes an extensible suite of utilities for viewing and interrogating Parasolid model (XT) data, and provides an easy-to-use plug-in mechanism for prototyping Parasolid-based functionality.

“Parasolid V19.0 demonstrates our enduring commitment to customer satisfaction with improvements in functional robustness, performance and ease of implementation,” said Chuck Grindstaff, executive vice president of Products for UGS PLM Software. “Our experience in supporting a global community of Parasolid-based innovators leaves no doubt that continuous improvement in these mission-critical areas makes Parasolid the world’s most trusted foundation for demanding 3D applications.”

Also announced is Version 10.0 of Parasolid’s interoperability toolkit suite, including Parasolid Bodyshop, a Parasolid-based toolkit that repairs, optimizes and validates 3D models, and translator toolkits for several popular CAD formats. In this latest release Parasolid Bodyshop is delivered with updated UNIX platform support, and enhancements in geometry simplification and output preprocessing, with improvements in efficiency, robustness and performance.