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Weekly Update 08/07/2008

Aug. 8, 2008
August 7, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Robotmaster is a CAD/CAM off-line programming software tool for 6-8axis robots. Some benefits of Robotmaster are: creation of simple or complex robot ...
Robotmaster is a CAD/CAM off-line programming software tool for 6-8axis robots. Some benefits of Robotmaster are: creation of simple or complex robot trajectories accurately without teaching points; single solution compatible with multiple robot manufacturers. Robotmaster is ideal for all applications including Trimming, De-burring, De-flashing, Dispensing, Mold Machining, Spray Coating etc. ...
Barfeeder Bonanza
All the specs on the most popular barfeeders now are in one place, so you can determine what features to look for when shopping for a barfeeder. Read the full story here

Invest In Castings
Near-net shape investment castings can save material, eliminate secondary machining operations and provide better part surface finishes. They can be an investment that provide an immediate return. Read the full story here

Single Part Clamping To Increase Value-Added Time
Machines that combine multiple operations make for complete part machining using single part clampings. The results are eliminating nonvalue-added time from your manufacturing processes and reducing the risk of stack-up errors in workpieces. Read the full story here

The Must-Have Tool For Machine Shops
The installation of a webcam can give shops added levels of confidence running machines unattended, streamlining their workflow and, even, winning new customers. Webcam systems allow users to be virtually at their shops any time day or night. Read the full story here

Featured Advertiser
Measure Height/Thickness and More on Any Material or Surface. KEYENCE LK-G Laser Displacement Sensors perform non-contact measurements of thickness, height, vibration, runout and more on reflective, transparent, translucent, black-rubber, mirrored and fast moving targets. Repeatability is 0.01∝m with a 50 kHz sampling rate and ±0.03% F.S. linearity. Long distance models are available with a 1-meter range. Download Details, applications and specs.
Hot Products
LUXXOR® VIDEO SYSTEM CONNECTS TO ANY HAWKEYE® BORESCOPE Gradient Lens Corporation has introduced a complete video system that operates with any Hawkeye Precision Borescope, rigid or flexible. The Luxxor Video System includes a Sony XC-555 Video Camera, a Luxxor 24 Light Source, Luxxor Light Guide, Luxxor Video Coupler Lens, USB Image Capture Interface, and the Hawkeye SuperKit storage case. The complete system sells for under $4000.
Still squaring your bridgeport the old way? Isn't it time you got a SpindleSquare? Only $125.
  • Self-calibrating Unit – no need for any additional measuring tools!.
  • Comes fully assembled with two indicators mounted.
  • Can be used to square angles with a sine bar.
  • Packaged in custom wood or aluminum case.
  • Machinist designed and tested for accuracy and ease of use.

    Used Equipment Directory
    UED is the most comprehensive and best-known directory of available used equipment including manufacturing, material handling, electrical and chemical process. Sign up today to receive UED monthly by mail or email. Can't wait? Visit to see the latest issue.

  • AM Webcasts
    Benchmarking at IMTSAmerican Machinist conducted its third annual Benchmark Survey of American Machine Shops between February and April of this year. American Machinist, will review the results of this third annual survey, and talk about what the data means and how shops can use the data to make plans for this year's IMTS. Vernyi also will talk about the program for the Job Shop Day at the IMTS and the speakers that will be featured there. August 20,2008 at 2:00 pm EST
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    Tool Shop Optimization:
    Concurrent Engineering for Today's Machine Shop
    Live Webinar: August 27, 2008 @ 2:00 pm ET Applying concurrent engineering processes to design and manufacturing can help toolmakers increase productivity and shorten product delivery times—improving responsiveness to customers and your company's bottom-line results.How can you make concurrent engineering a success at your machine shop? Attend this free on-line seminar and learn:
    • What is Concurrent Engineering?
    • What is it NOT?
    • How to make Concurrent Engineering the KEY to improving your delivery times
    Register now for this informative live webinarSponsored by: Cimatron Group

    Now Available On Demand

    5 Key Strategies For Reduced Cost and Increased Profitability Striving to reduce costs and increase profitability while remaining competitive is no easy task. Epicor Manufacturing talks about ways to plan, schedule, execute and monitor your manufacturing operations – from raw materials to final product – to develop your highest level of flexibility and agility, and to make your operations more competitive. Watch Now!Sponsored by: EPICOR
    AM Workshop
    The only workshop that focuses on the business side of running a machine shop. The 2008 Machine Shop Workshop is an intensive 2-day event featuring peer presentations, best-practices and an emphasis on solving your real-world problems. Your registration includes:
    • Tickets to the "Best Machine Shops" award banquet
    • A free copy of the new "Benchmarks for Machine Shops" handbook
    • Plus breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets.
    By registering now, you'll also save $100! Sign Me Up!
    American Machinist Launches New Internet Forum The American Machinist Forum is a place to share thoughts, ideas and best practices for machine shops. The focus is on making machine shops competitive, efficient and flexible enough to compete in a global environment. You'll find discussion about manpower, use of automation and technology, creative uses of machine tools and a whole lot more. So sign up now and jump in. Click Here
    AM Machine Tool Theater
    New Machine Tool TheaterAmerican Machinist announces launch of Machine Tool Theater. Watch videos about machining and machining equipment. You'll see faster, more precise machines; cutting tools to process virtually any material; finishing technologies; automation systems; quality instruments and manufacturing software. You'll see how to reduce cycle times and increase productivity. Watch Videos Now
    Digital Edition
    Now you can get the latest edition of American Machinist delivered directly to your PC. Digital editions allow you to page through articles, click through hotlinks for direct advertiser websites, send emails to authors and other contacts, zoom, print or send to a friend. Sign Up Today!
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