Flow Intl. Touts New Interconnective Capability

July 9, 2009
FlowConnex makes system status data available anywhere

Flow International Corp. has introduced a new “interconnective” capability for its waterjet systems. The FlowConnex system allows operators and supervisors to see the status of their Flow waterjet systems on the FlowConnex dashboard from the shop floor, in an office, or off-site. This includes information on the waterjet machine’s productivity and machine utilization, as well as pump pressure and other critical system parameters.
Also, FlowConnex will signal waterjet operators or shop managers if waterjet machine and/or pump conditions threaten to shut down the machine. These customized alerts can be viewed from e-mail or any mobile device.
In addition, FlowConnex links directly to Flow’s expert knowledge database to resolve problems quickly. Flow’s round-the-clock phone support helps to minimize system downtime, too.
Flow International develops and manufactures ultra high-pressure waterjet technology for cutting and cleaning.