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Weekly Update 11/01/2007

Nov. 2, 2007
November 1, 2007 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Keyence Keyence High-Speed, "On-the-Fly" Marking on Metals, Resins, Glass, Plastics and More The Keyence ML-G9300 high-power, CO2 Laser Marker eliminates line slowdown or stoppage for product marking. ...
November 1, 2007
Keyence High-Speed, "On-the-Fly" Marking on Metals, Resins, Glass, Plastics and More The Keyence ML-G9300 high-power, CO2 Laser Marker eliminates line slowdown or stoppage for product marking. Industry proven, it marks barcodes, logos and ultra-small characters with 30W of laser power, at 600 char/sec., 1µm resolution, and ±5% laser power stability. Air-cooled and dust-proof, the ML-G provides years of continuous, reliable operation. Download details.
In The News
MTConnect in Your Future The Association for Manufacturing Technology ( has taken a leading position in the development of a standard protocol for computer equipment that promises to simplify communications for all of the computer devices used in manufacturing. The AMT calls its protocol MTConnect, and it has the potential to expand inter-operability of computers directly and easily. MTConnect is a computer standard in XML programming. Six Sigma Without the Belts Attend any machine tool or manufacturing conference and the term "Six Sigma" will echo in your ear like a siren's song calling you to come and feast at the elusive table of improved productivity. Listen more closely to that song and you will hear tales of heroic productivity improvements brought about by the legendary practitioners of Six Sigma, the Belts. The Belts are either regular employees raised to various ranks (Belts) through education and training, or they are itinerant Six Sigma masters who travel from one company to another to educate employees and to help slay the dragons of waste and inefficiency. Of course, there is a fee to be paid if you want a seat at the table. You Never Had It So Good Why is there so much gloom and doom in popular discussion of the economy? As the late President Lyndon Johnson once asked during an address to the nation: "I am not saying that you never had so good, but you haven't, have you?" President George Bush could say pretty much the same thing. TRW to Purchase Delphi Assets TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. in Livonia, Mich. ( said in late September it would buy a portion of the Delphi North American brake component machining and module assembly assets. Besides buying that brake business, TRW agreed to acquire the business's production inventory, to lease a portion of Delphi's brake manufacturing facility in Saginaw, Mich., and to employ the active hourly employees at the Saginaw site.
Epicor Webinar
EPICOR November 7, 2007 Webinar: Shop Floor Data Capture Has a Big Payback Tune in to this webinar to learn how integrating manufacturing and business data can help your organization run more efficiently. You'll see examples of the success other manufacturers are having utilizing an integrated approach to data while becoming a leaner organization. If you're a manufacturer using several systems and applications to manage your business, this is a webinar you don't want to miss.

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