UNIST under new ownership

Jan. 21, 2008

Lubrication system manufacturer, UNIST, Inc.(www.unist.com) is now operating under new ownership as of January 1, 2008. Chuck Boelkins, son of previous owner Wally Boelkins, has purchased the company from his father.

Formed in 1957, UNIST is a manufacturer of fluid delivery systems to machine tools designed to reduce fluid consumption while improving the operational efficiency of a broad range of manufacturing operations. Wally Boelkins, a mechanical engineer, was the company’s sole owner since he bought the business, then called Uni-Mist, in 1968 from its two founders. During Boelkins’ ownership, the company grew at a steady rate and gained a reputation for high quality products and superior customer service.

UNIST has expanded from producing one portable lubrication system to manufacturing a diverse range of standard systems for metal cutting and metal forming applications. UNIST also designs and manufactures hundreds of customized systems to satisfy the unique lubrication requirements of each customer. The application systems are complemented with a full range of environmentally friendly lubricants. The company has played a key role in industry leadership through its promotion of MQL (minimum quantity lubrication) concepts such as Near Dry Machining and Micro-Fluidization.

Chuck Boelkins is the only son of Wally and his wife Marge. He graduated in 1987 from Calvin College in Grand Rapids with a BSME degree, and has since practiced in the engineering profession as well as in business management. Although Chuck has never been formally employed by UNIST, he has played a key role in UNIST’s success. Through his own company, Positech, Inc., Chuck designed the patented Uni-Roller metal forming lubrication systems, and in 1993 entered into an exclusive marketing agreement with UNIST. This relationship resulted in developing the entire line of UNIST metal forming lubrication systems. Positech’s design and manufacture of the Uni-Roller application systems and electronic controls remain a component of the UNIST product portfolio.

Boelkins plans to build on his father’s reputation of integrity, highly responsive service, and strong relationships with independent representatives, distributors, customers, and industry partners. He will continue growing the metal cutting and metal forming lubrication businesses by developing new products and exploring new markets.

Wally Boelkins will also remain actively involved with UNIST, primarily in the areas of marketing and product development.