Alliance for American Manufacturing statement blasts China trade policies

Nov. 6, 2008

Scott Paul, executive director of Alliance for American Manufacturing (, a non-partisan, non-profit partnership of American manufacturers and the United Steelworkers union, referred to America’s July $62.2 billion trade deficit as a clear indication of ‘flawed’ trade relations with China.

“The $62.2 billion trade deficit that America racked up in July is yet another reminder of the consequences of flawed trade policies and the continued crisis in American manufacturing. Some may take solace in export growth last month, but the real story is China’s continuing, lopsided trade relationship with the U.S.

“Our trade deficit with China rose to $24.9 billion last month, the second highest on record. In 2007, this trade gap cost the United States 366,000 jobs, and we’re on pace to match that in 2008.

“The trade deficit with China is not a product of market forces. Rather, it is the result of Beijing’s mercantilist policies and Washington’s unwillingness to respond. China must honor its commitments on issues such as eliminating industrial and energy subsidies, ending the deliberate misalignment of its currency, and allowing greater market access for U.S. goods. China should also enforce its own labor and environmental laws.

“Washington needs to stand up for American workers and manufacturers before hundreds of thousands of more good jobs move offshore.”