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Weekly Update 12/20/2007

Dec. 21, 2007
December 20, 2007 Makino Makino— a leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical machining centers and EDM machines — has announced a new series of online Webinars. Designed for shops of all types and sizes, the seminars are free to anyone ...

December 20, 2007

Makino— a leading manufacturer of horizontal and vertical machining centers and EDM machines — has announced a new series of online Webinars. Designed for shops of all types and sizes, the seminars are free to anyone who registers. The planned seminars are intended for shops in the automotive, aerospace, medical product and die and mold industries. In addition to metal cutting and die/mold, the seminars will cover new technologies, such as micromachining. Mark Rentschler, marketing manager, says, "Online seminars allow anyone with an Internet connection to attend without losing a day of work." The seminars concentrate on shop efficiency, lean manufacturing, asset utilization, machine tool integration and automation, machine tool technologies, and metal cutting processes. Makino's application engineers, product managers and guest speakers will give presentations.
Tooling News
Button Cutters May Be For You Button cutters, or copy mills with round inserts, offer a number of advantages - especially in shops with limited-horsepower machine tools. Owing to recent design improvements, round cutters: - are no longer limited to light-cutting applications - can handle difficult machining operations, such as circular and helical interpolation, ramping, shoulder milling, slot milling, plunging and ramping, in a variety of materials. A major advantage of button cutters with round inserts is their high edge strength. The weakest section of a milling insert is the corner that is constantly exposed to interrupted cuts and heat changes, making it more likely to break Custom Ball Hones Finish First Ball-style hones are highly specialized abrasive, flexible and low-cost tools utilized in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and machining industries for sophisticated surfacing, de-burring and edgeblending. But all honing tools are not created equal. While many share fundamental characteristics, there is a significant quality difference between a generic tool selected from a catalog and a custom-adapted honing tool engineered to meet specialized requirements. 2-Axis Rotary Speeds Up 5-Axis Machining A 2-axis rotary for complex 5-axis machining eliminates second and third machining operations. When used on a 3-axis VMC, the 2-axis positioning system eliminates the need for sine plates and other expensive fixtures for angular milling. The 2-axis units are a combination of two systems and can be used as a single component for 5-axis machining, or disassembled for separate operating use. Want To Know About High-Pressure Coolant? If you've been wondering about what high-pressure coolant systems are and how to use them, check out this article that describes a video series that will answer all your questions. Live Tooling Eliminates Job Labor This shop was comfortable running job quantities of about 10 pieces to 20 pieces at a time by performing the first and second part operations on a lathe, then transferred the parts to a mill for the remainder of operations. But, when the customer increased job quantities, the shop struggled to keep up and was forced to farm out some of the work at various stages to eight other shops. When the shop acquired a turning center with live tooling options and high pressure coolant, along with the use of carbide cutters, machining operations and part quality improved dramatically and all operations could be done in-house. But the real benefit is how seldom the parts had to be handled.
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WOW Project #102 Exact JobBOSS Empowers General Metal Works Issue: Sales are declining and competitors are cutting into our business.

Vision: Implement lean and invest in cuttingedge machines and technology to reposition the company.

Results: Sales volume doubled, finished goods inventory was reduced 800%, lead times and set up times were cut in half, achieved ISO certification.

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Geometric Tolerancing "Anyone have a simple cheat sheet…"S&W Serial#/Date of Manufacture. "Where can I find a list telling the manufacturing date for the serial number on a S&W model 36 Chief Special?"American Machinist History 130 years allows for some interesting anecdotes.
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