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Weekly Update 05/01/2008

May 2, 2008
May 1, 2008 NEWSLETTER SPONSOR Designed to deliver the best precision time-saving in an easy-to-use way, Mastercam can help you make the most of your shop. Find out why shops around the ...

Designed to deliver the best precision time-saving in an easy-to-use way, Mastercam can help you make the most of your shop. Find out why shops around the globe continue to make Mastercam the world's most widely-used CAD/CAM software.

Support the Smart Machine Platform Initiative
The fourth year of funding for the Smart Machine Platform Initiative will be under consideration in Congress this summer, and American Machinist is joining the National Tooling and Machining Association in calling for support for that program. Read Full Story
The Era of Expanding International Trade Agreements is Closing
If you listen to the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, you would think that the North American Free Trade Agreement ("NAFTA") was one of the worst trade deals that the United States Government ever negotiated and that the American people have suffered grievously from its provisions. Read Full Story
CMMs Designed for the Shop Floor
Wenzel GmbH, Wilcox Associates Inc. and Micron-X-Corp. are bringing coordinate measuring machine capabilities to the sides of machine tools with machines and gauges that are engineered to withstand the rougher environment of the shop floor. Read Full Story
Process Deposits Part Strength and Longevity
The Technogenia Lasercarb Technology Center in Conroe, Tex., houses a machine that deposits anti-abrasion material onto industrial parts. Located in the heart of the oil and gas industry, the facility is the first in the United States to use the latest in diode laser technology to offer shops a process to protect parts for optimal performance and longer lifespan. Read Full Story
Ideas for Jaw Chuck
This is the fastest way to dial-in a 4-jaw chuck. Read Full Story
Hot Products
Gradient Lens Corporation has introduced a complete video system that operates with any Hawkeye Precision Borescope, rigid or flexible. The Luxxor Video System includes a Sony XC-555 Video Camera, a Luxxor 24 Light Source, Luxxor Light Guide, Luxxor Video Coupler Lens, USB Image Capture Interface, and the Hawkeye SuperKit storage case. The complete system sells for under $4000.
Welding Magazine and Welding Web Announce Launch Of Welding Theater
Welding Magazine and Welding Web are pleased to announce the beta launch of Welding Theater at Think of it as YouTube for welders. It provides videos about welding process and equipment. In the not-too-distant future, it will also be open to the posting of amateur videos by anyone involved in the welding industry. Click Here For More Information
Upcoming Webcasts
FREE Web Seminar: The Right Way to Retrofit
What you need to know when retrofitting, rebuilding or remanufacturing machine tools. In this webcast presentation, GE Fanuc product manager Mark Brownhill and American Machinist editor Bruce Vernyi will discuss many opportunities for retrofitters and end users to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings that are possible with this valuable approach. Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how a retrofit solution might be right for your shop. Click Here
Practical Machinist Metalworking Forum
Join in! Visit Practical Machinist, the leading online discussion forum for the metalworking community.

Is Glass A Liquid At Room Temperature?
"Not to stick my head in the proverbial lion's mouth..." Read Full Story
The Japanese Miracle-Automobiles
"I'm confused by the numbers." Read Full Story
Vintage Machinery Group Photos
"Isn't this a cool couple of photos?" Read Full Story
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