Ford awards Jervis B. Webb multiple contracts for conveyor system projects

Feb. 15, 2008

Jervis B. Webb Company (, a subsidiary of Daifuku Co., Ltd. and provider of material handling solutions, received multiple contracts with automotive manufacturer Ford Motor Company to install a new material handling system, as well as renovate existing systems at Oakville Assembly Complex in Ontario, Canada.

“Webb has a long history with Ford, beginning with the installation of one of its first conveyor systems for the Model T, which changed the way automobiles were manufactured,” Noel Dehne, director of Webb automotive systems said. “Since then, Webb has built its reputation on the ability to provide automotive customers with innovative, customized material handling systems. We are excited to be a part of Ford’s plans for the rollout of its new Flex vehicle.”

Webb will renovate the plant’s existing power and free and skid conveyor systems, as well as install new conveyors in the trim and chassis division. Power and free conveyors are suited for demanding industrial environments that require a high degree of versatility and dependability and the ability to stop individual loads without disrupting an entire production line.

Skid conveyors are constructed in a dual track design providing stable load handling with easy installation. The universal construction of the system allows for easier mounting to turntables, lifts, other conveyors or production equipment and offers seamless warehouse operations on the assembly line.

At the Oakville Assembly Complex, Ford will manufacture the new Ford Flex vehicle, introduced at the 2007 New York International Auto Show. The Flex has been categorized as a full-size crossover vehicle, with sales beginning in 2008.