Competition Holds The Future Of U.S.-Manufacturing

May 9, 2006
25 Years in American Machinist

America's best technical students will showcase their talents at the 2006 SkillsUSA Precision Machining Technology national championships on June 21 and 22 in Kansas City. Competitors in the event include Precision Machining Technology state-level gold medal winners from both secondary and post-secondary education.

The Precision Machining contest, based on the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) ( Machining Level I and II skills standards, aims to attract new, highly skilled workers to careers in precision manufacturing. NIMS standards are the only American National Standards for precision machining approved by the American National Standards Institute.

Competitors must make precision parts using mills, lathes, drill presses and grinding machines and be able to write CNC programs. They will also be tested on their knowledge of precision machining technology.

Resulting from a strong volunteer effort from American industry, the competition will feature an actual manufacturing center on its floor. Manufacturing companies donate or loan over $1 million in materials, equipment and services to make the contest possible, and 55 industry volunteers serve as judges for the competition.