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Design for a Milling Cutter with a Ring

May 3, 2012
Cutting counter details effectively

Our always-insightful contributor sends the following note and a sketch of the concept:
“Sometimes a casting or forging will have a surface detail such as the counter A. (See Sketches I and II.) But, in the same detail we may need to mill counter B, which is similar to counter A, and difference between them is M.

“In this case we mount on the milling cutter a ring that will have contact with counter A to act as a guide for the cutter as it is milling counter B.

Sketch I (left) and Sketch II (right.)

“A ring (2) with a bronze bearing (3) is mounted on the cutter (1) and fixed by a screw (5) in the spindle (4) of the milling machine.

“On Sketch II you may see the similar cutter with the ring fixed on the cutter with a screw (6).

“The ring is made from instrument-grade steel and has been heat-treated in a manner suitable for instrument-grade steel.

“In the milling stage we need to apply lubricating oil.

“Ring 2 with the bearing is turned on the cutter (1) or on the screw (6).”