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Telescopic Clamping Concept

Jan. 5, 2012
Simple, reliable design for adjustable part holding on measuring machines and devices.

One of our most dependable contributors developed the following design for a clamping system. Mark Grizotzky writes:

“This telescopic clamping unit is comprised of three details that have relative movement (one to another) with only one coordinate. The details are cylindrical in form and have negative allowance and tension between them by assistance of bolts with separators. The cylindrical forms have a ground surface for a smooth finish, and all components (clamp, bush, body) been processed with the heat treatment necessary for steel instruments.

“The sketch shows that the design of the unit is simple: The clamp (4) is a cylindrical part with a head that, with the help of the screw (7), presses the bush (6) and head to the metallic tip (3) and stops the carriage (1) at the base (2). The bush and clamp have movement together in the body (9) with the bolt (5) and separator (16,15), and have negative allowance and tension.

The sketch shows the components of the cylindrical clamp design, indicating the motion of its parts.

“The clamp (as well as the bush) moves by just one coordinate perpendicular to the metal tip, on the body.

“To guard against a turning motion, the clamp and bush have grounded slots and are kept within the body by two details (10, 12), and by the tension of the bolts (11), separators (17 and 8), and screws (14). The screw (13) keeps the body on the base.

“The unit is reliable," he assured, adding that "it will need lubricating oil.

“It can be used on measuring machines and devices,” he concluded.