Mechanism for Adjusting Liquid Level

Sept. 29, 2011
Effective, cost-efficient design for EDM installations
A telescopic device recommended for controlling the level of petroleum or oil in the bath of an electric discharge machining center.

The ever-prolific Mark Grizotsky sends details of a mechanism he has devised for adjusting the level of liquid — petroleum or oil — used in the bath of an electric discharge machine tool, where liquid is being introduced or evacuated during machine processing. He details that the mechanism is devised to extend and retract concentrically, as a telescope would do.

The telescopic arrangement contains two or three tubes, he indicated. The main tube (2) will have three cut-through, long windows (“a”), fixed by a thread on the bottom of the EDM bath (1).

Two other tubes (3, 4) can slide and move around tube 2 and between each other. The top tube (3) will have a handle (7) with a thread, and can be fixed on tube 2 at any height or level of liquid that may be required.

Tube 4 can be fixed by bolts (5) and springs (6).

The tubes can be produced in stainless steel.

Grizotsky indicates the mechanism is “very useful” for EDM machine centers, as well as inexpensive to produce and economical in application.