Delcam Demonstrates FeatureCAM 2010 Highlights

Dec. 6, 2009
Online channel shows multi-threading, drill/mill functions, and more

Delcam established a new section of its online TV channel, Delcam.TV, to cover 2010 enhancements to its feature-based machining software, FeatureCAM. It presents video highlights of the new releases important additions, including demonstrations of the faster calculation times and the combination drill/mill function.

New testimonials from users are shown, too. Visitors may view the new section at

Delcam is a supplier of advanced CAD/CAM programs for manufacturing.

The important new development in the 2010 version of FeatureCAM is support for multi-threading when generating 3D toolpaths. It makes it possible to spread calculations across multiple cores in dual- or quad-core computers, resulting in time-savings averaging around 25% on a dual-core PC.

Also, the combined drilling and milling functionality allows more efficient hole creation on machines fitted with automatic tool changing. It generates roughing and finishing toolpaths to produce any holes for which the appropriate drill is not loaded, using the tooling already in place in the machine’s crib.

According to Delcam, this new option is much faster changing the tooling to match the set of hole sizes in each job, especially for shops manufacturing prototypes or short-run components. It will allow complex parts to be produced more easily in cases where the range of hole sizes is larger than the number of positions in the crib. In addition, shops can stock fewer tools, and will be able to move jobs more easily between different machine tools.

Shops that do not have automatic tool changing available may benefit, too. For example, it may be possible to use a combination of drilling and milling with a single cutter to generate all the holes in the part. Then, this could allow the complete sequence to be run without having to man the machine, and without interrupting to change the tooling.