Idea sticks it to a drilling problem

June 30, 2005
I often drill 1/16-in.-diameter angled bleeder holes deep within workpiece cavities.
I often drill 1 /16-in.-diameter angled bleeder holes deep within workpiece cavities. Since standard-length drills don't reach, I use an extension made from drill rod. The trick, however, is securing the drills in the extension.

After inserting a drill into the extension, I soft soldered it in place, but the drill loosened and broke. To remedy this, I applied a few drops of 910 cyanoacrylate adhesive on the drill's shank before inserting it into the extension and gave it a few minutes to dry.

The drill didn't break or get stuck when dull. Instead, it completed the hole and then gradually loosened. I removed the drill with needle-nose pliers, reglued it into the extension, and drilled the next hole. This setup eliminates a lot of broken drills.

Nils Bradley
Westerly, R.I.

A shim-stock organizer

My idea is a simple, easy-to-construct shim rack that keeps shim stock in proper order. I cut 32 pieces of 1.5 2.5-in. aluminum tubing with 0.125-in. wall thicknesses to 12-in. lengths. I then weld these pieces together four tubes/sections wide and eight tubes/sections high and mount a back to the construction. One shim-stock box fits in each individual section, and boxes stick out about 3 /4 in. for grabbing.

Tony Grant
Milford, N.H.

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