Seminar on Techniques for Machining Bladed Components

Aug. 13, 2009
Experts to demonstrate approaches for impellers, blisks, rotors, compressors

Four suppliers of machine shop equipment and products are presenting a one-day seminar to demonstrate techniques to increase productivity and material removal rates, and optimize tooling, when machining turbo machinery components. Emuge Corp. (a supplier of cutting tools), Hermle Machine Co. (which builds 5-axis machining centers), Concepts NREC (a CAM software developer), and M&H Probing Systems (an inspection system supplier) will host the October 15 event at Emuge’s Technology Center in West Boylston, Mass.

The complimentary seminar is open to manufacturing professionals; early registration is recommended. Visit, or call 800-323-3013.

“This event is a must-see for manufacturing professionals in the demanding turbo machinery, power generation, aerospace, and other industries where complex bladed components present intense lead time, cost and quality challenges,” the four sponsoring companies stated.

Live machining of bladed components will be done on a Hermle C 30 U 5-axis machining center. Three milling applications — a complex turbo compressor, an impeller, and a blisk — will be demonstrated in a highly automated machine using MAX-PACTM CAM software, to show faster stock removal rates, reduced tool expense, improved transitions, increased control, and start-to-finish accuracy. On-machine spindle probing inspection will demonstrate how users can save time, optimize tool life, ensure accuracy, and reduce scrap.

Technical and classroom presentations are planned, too.

Attendees will see the entire process from component set-up to easy tool path planning / programming, machining and inspection. They’ll also learn better strategies for more accurate flank milling, proper tool selection for smooth transitions and dramatically reduced tool costs.