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Aug. 17, 2006
LNS America, Inc. ( is introducing automatic bar feeds, chip conveyors, high-pressure coolant systems and other equipment. The company's new products include: The Turbo Systems Micro-Scraper 500 II chip disposal system ...

LNS America, Inc. ( is introducing automatic bar feeds, chip conveyors, high-pressure coolant systems and other equipment. The company's new products include:

The Turbo Systems Micro-Scraper 500 II chip disposal system that is designed to complement multitasking lathes and machining centers. This system uses an upper hinge belt conveyor to remove chunks, stringy, bushy and large chips of brass, steel, aluminum and other metals. Meanwhile, the lower scraper belt removes any smaller materials that pass through the upper conveyor. Filter boxes that are automatically and continuously cleaned remove particles as fine as 500 microns from the coolant before returning it to the coolant tank. As a result, Micro-Scraper 500 II extends coolant life and reduces coolant sump maintenance while removing both fine and coarse mixed materials generated by multiple machining operations.

PowerStream compact high-pressure coolant systems are custom matched to specific Swiss machining operations. This new line of highpressure coolant systems, named Power Stream BF, can be configured to specific Swiss-style cutting machines and applications to improve production efficiency and cutting precision. PowerStream BF offers flow rates from 4 gpm to 10 gpm, 1,000 to 2,000 psi and is available for new installations and retrofits. The compact shape and size allow convenient placement beneath an LNS bar feed, thus saving valuable floor space. Additionally, PowerStream BF uses a PLC-based control with multiport capability to support the variety of operations necessary in today's competitive environment. There are a variety of options available including extra capacity coolant tanks and heat exchangers, and LNS America applications engineers are available nationwide to advise customers on the correct flow and pressure for their specific situations.

The new Quick Load Servo 65 bar feed automatically loads 0.25 in. to 2.625-in.-diameter short bars up to 51-in. in length. With a starting price of less than $15,000, LNS America says the QLS 65 is ideal for standard applications and includes many of the features found in the popular Quick Load Servo S3. These include quick start-ups and diameter changes, fieldproven reliability, and the safety and precision of servo motor-driven bar positioning. Operators can perform start-ups and changeovers quickly and easily by simply entering the new bar diameter, bar profile, and workpiece length through the control keypad. Quick Load Servo 65 is designed to make these adjustments automatically. When a pusher changeover is necessary, the exclusive LNS Easy Click system makes the process fast and simple. A proprietary bar positioning system uses advanced servo motor control technology, and is designed to eliminate turret crashes. Plus, the Quick Load Servo 65 has a compact, space-saving design that requires 15 percent less floor space than earlier models. There is also an adjustable loading ramp and a convenient housing for storing the spindle liners. X or Z axis barfeed retraction provides easy spindle liner changes and access for machine maintenance

The new Hydrobar Sprint 555 is an automatic bar feed for high-production precision applications that the company says is the first to incorporate both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic principles in bar feeding. The Sprint 555 uses hydrostatic operation that permits users to cut up to 12-foot bar stock at maximum spindle speeds without vibrations. This vibration reduction produces more precise surface finishes on parts being machined, and extends tool life. The hydrodynamic principle allows for a range of bar stock diameters in one setup, fewer guide channels, and 2 to 8 minute changeovers, all of which reduce downtime, improve productivity and support unattended operation. The bar feed's hydrostatic feature uses a patented, self-opening bearing block design that the company says permits users to run round bar stock at a lathe's maximum spindle speed with or without remnant retract. The hydrodynamic principle uses an automatic front rest that prevents bar vibrations from transferring to the machine cutting area throughout the entire diameter range. It also adjusts automatically to the bar and pusher diameters when the operator inputs a bar stock diameter into the remote control. Sprint 555 reduces the number of guide channels necessary to accommodate the 0.25 in. to 2.125 in. (5 mm - 55 mm) range of bar stock diameters, thus requiring fewer changeovers. When a changeover is necessary, a special quick release system for changing guiding elements helps to cut changeover times. The company says the quick release feature allows an operator to manually change the guiding channels, without tools, in a matter of seconds.