New Equipment

May 10, 2007
Editor's Note: American Machinist receives many new product announcements each month. To provide the greatest access and exposure for these new products, here is a list with the company Internet sites where you can see the details and ...

Editor's Note: American Machinist receives many new product announcements each month. To provide the greatest access and exposure for these new products, here is a list with the company Internet sites where you can see the details and photographs for the new products. Because of the great backlog of information that we have, we are presenting information from companies in the first half of the alphabet this month and will present companies in the second half of the alphabet in June.

ADCOLE Corp. ( has a new, high accuracy version of its Model 1200 Gage for measuring crankshafts and camshafts.

Adept Technology, Inc. ( has released AdeptSight 2.0, an expansion of its PC-based machine vision product line.

Air Options, Inc. ( is now offering a line of compressed air system dryers that are designed to eliminate the need for costly, complex CFCs and dessicants.

Albion Devices, Inc. ( is now distributing its new BenchMark single-board computer based gaging system.

American Sensor Technologies, Inc.'s ( new AST47HP pressure sensor is available in high pressure ratings to 60,000 psig (4,000 bar).

Animatics Corp.'s ( latest release in its OEM series of SmartMotors, the new SM2315DT, features an 8-pole compact rotor design for higher energy density and efficiency.

Anver Corp. ( now has the VPF-57-AC Ingot Lifter, a below-the-hook, electric powered vacuum lifter that features a foam suction cup for handling rough ingots from the top.

ASM Sensors, Inc. ( now offers a magnetic angle sensor in a 20-mm flat servo flange housing.

Autodesk, Inc. (www.autodeskm) 2008 product updates, including Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, AliasStudio, Showcase and Productstream, focus on digital prototyping that validates ideas and fosters product innovation.

BEI Industrial Encoders ( has added Model M58, a 58-m -diameter industrial grade metric incremental encoder to its product line.

CGTech ( has released Vericut Version 6.1 with a host of improvements primarily developed from user feedback.

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels ( has expanded its line of USA-made flap discs with new flap discs made specifically for cutting aluminum that are designed for higher heat generating applications.

AgieCharmilles ( says its new ROBOFIL 2050TW twin wire EDM provides levels of precision and accuracy that surpass every EDM that has come before it.

Chemtool Inc., ( has developed a line of fast-drying, water-based rust-preventive part coatings to provide protection against corrosion.

Cimatron Ltd. ( includes automatic hole recognition and drill sequence attachment, on-thefly drill sequence programming and special stock recognition in version 8 of its CimatronE software.

Cincinnati Inc.'s ( CL-6 laser cutting system now uses the GE Fanuc C200E "Level UP" resonator to increase cutting power to 2,500 W from 2,000 W at no extra cost. Also, Cincinnati Inc. introduced its CL-850 laser cutting system that combines 5,000 W of power, 10,000-ipm linear motor drive and Windows XP Professional PC-based control.

Climax Portable Machine Tools, Inc. ( says its new compact LM6000 portable linear mill offers greater performance for aggressive field milling in any axis.

Cognex Corp. ( has added new color capabilities to its VisionPro PC-vision systems, including dedicated tools for color sorting, color identification and color monitoring. Cognex has also introduced the DataMan 7500V handheld verification unit that accurately verifies the quality of direct-marked and printed 2D codes for manufacturers implementing traceability programs.

Comco Inc. ( offers precision deburring with its MicroBlaster micro-abrasive blasting system.

Control Technology Corp. ( has released its QuickBuilder graphical development environment software for its Model 5300 line of controllers.

Danray Products LLC ( now provides safety signs for milling and drilling machines.

Dassault Systemes ( says its DELMIA Version V Release 17 robotics program includes numerous enhancements including a new capability that defines and simulates complex flexible manufacturing devices such as multi-wrist robotic arms.

Datron Dynamics, Inc. ( is showcasing its new EZRaptor CNC machining center with a 40 in. by 27.5 in. by 9.5 in. (X, Y, Z axes) working envelope.

DCM Tech Inc. ( has added the IG 280 SD rotary grinder with integral mist collection and 75-gallon coolant filter unit for swarf collection.

Delta Tau Data Systems ( says its new Advantage 900M CNC control, which increases machine tool speed and accuracy by allowing the use of the nonproprietary MACRO ring, is available in both fiber-optic (100base-F) and twisted pair electrical cable (100-base-T) formats.

DeWALT ( now offers the D28715 heavy-duty 14-in. 5.5-hp motor chop saw with quick-change keyless blade-change system.

Dynabrade, Inc. ( has a new Wet Deburring Station wet filtration system to capture potentially combustible filings and dust in an air/water mixing zone.

EdgeCAM ( has released EdgeCAM version 11.5, the latest release of its CNC offline programming system offering time savings of up to 50 percent in the generation of cutter toolpaths.

ESI Group ( has released the 2007 version of PAM-STAMP 2G, the virtual sheet metal manufacturing software "value chain" that reduces cost and improves productivity in the tool and die market.

Eurotech ( has two new bar machine models for 26 mm and below: the 8-axis, dual-slide WL25 and the 6-axis, single-slide TL25 with sliding headstocks that do not use guide bushings.

MAG Fadal ( has completed its value-priced FX series of 4-axis vertical machining centers with the introduction of the 4020FX VMC. The new 6535HTX VMC optimizes aggressive cutting of titanium and hardened steel through the use of a 50-taper, 6,000-rpm high-torque spindle and air/oil lubrication.

FANUC Robotics America, Inc. ( has introduced its new LR Mate 200iC robot, a mini-robot FANUC says offers maximum performance in a light, efficient, accurate and nimble package.

FARO Technologies, Inc. ( has a Super Mobile Laser Scanner Kit based on its LS laser scanner. FARO's Scene v4.1 software is used for viewing, administering, calibrating, filtering and managing large, 3D point clouds collected with the Laser Scanner LS. FARO's new PowerGAGE delivers the 0.0002 in. accuracy of the FARO Gage-PLUS and does CAD-to-part analysis and enables customized on-machine inspection routines.

FK1 Logstex ( has launched a new sortation software module, UniSort MXT, to boost existing material handling capacity and avoid costly expansion of square footage, equipment or personnel.

Flow International Corp. ( has made FlowMaster 6.31, an upgrade to FlowMaster 6.30, Flow's innovative Windows-based waterjet control system, available.

Fortress Interlocks ( has introduced an AS-interface (AS-1) control and safety base module for its eGard system lets eGard be connected to an ‘AS-1 Safety at Work' control network.

Freedom Applications, Ltd. ( says its version 4.5 AMMO (Access Manufacturing Management Overlay) software provides affordable, user-friendly manufacturing management software for small and midsized manufacturers.

GE Fanuc Automation ( has announced that it has expanded the capabilities of its learning control function for parts cutting and rigid tapping providing the ability to apply the high-speed and high-precision of the learning function to any machining application.

Geomagic ( has released Geomagic Qualify 9 and the Geomagic Blade extension digital inspection solution that helps manufacturers meet quality standards and improve the manufacturing process.

Gibbs and Associates ( has introduced several upgrades to its GibbsCAM 2007 software including: seamless integration between GibbsCAM and CGTech's Vericut package, a machine simulation option which complements its Cut Part Rendering process simulation functionality and allows for entire machine tool motion of a CNC program to be validated in an accurate simulation, and new interoperability with the Rhinoceros surface modeling application.

Gleason Corporation ( says its new 300TWG Threaded Wheel Grinding Machine is designed to deliver the industry's fastest floor-to-floor times for grinding of cylindrical gears with a diameter up to 300 mm (11.81 in.)

Hardinge, Inc.'s ( new ELITE 27 MS turning center comes with Hardinge's jaw chuck/collet-ready spindle, a 16-station turret top plate with live tooling, C-axis contouring and a sub spindle.

Hermle Machine Co. ( has added a large-scale machining center, the C 50 U, to its C series for machining larger, heavier parts, and the 5-axis precision C 20 U for production of small- to mid-sized complex parts.

Honeywell International ( says its new LETS Machine Interface (LMI), an operator terminal, enables information to be collected from production machines and fed to Honeywell's Line Efficiency Tracking Software (LETS). Also, its new SmartPAC 2 press automation controller comes standard with a built-in backup utility that can function over the Ethernet to a user-selected server.

Infor Global Solutions GmbH ( says its ERP LN enterprise resource planning software has been given new enhancements and improved functionality in a scalable, multilanguage, open systems platform for manufacturers.

Jergens Inc.( Free-spinning Spinner-Grip Flange Lock Nuts are now available in 18/8 stainless steel.

Kalamazoo Machine Tool ( has introduced the variable-speed Model C315/350V manual cold saw for an economical, powerful, single-phase saw offering infinite control over blade speed.

Kistler Instrument Corp. ( has expanded its line of high performance straingage sensors, which complement Kistler's existing piezoelectric and piezoresistive products.

SB Machine Tools ( says the new HS4200i 4-spindle CNC lathe from Kitako features ultra high-speed automated gantry loader with 6,700-ipm feedrates.

Koepfer America, LLC (, the North American representative of Lambert-Wahli, says the new Lambert-Wahli W100 8-axis CNC fine pitch hobbing machine has been designed for small motor applications, watch making and micro-technical industries.

Lapmaster International LLC ( has added the FTP 130, a 3-way measuring system which accurately measures flatness, thickness and parallelism of both 1- and 2-sided parts, to its metrology line.

Lasercut, Inc. (, with its partners (El En. Group and Lasit, USA), has released its newest 20-W (pulsed) maintenance-free fiber laser marking system for marking metals and plastics with reliability exceeding 100,000 hours.

Lasit, USA ( introduced a new CompactMark industrial laser marking system for marking metals, plastics and other materials. Lasit has also introduced a new generation RotoTab compact desktop rotary dial table Fiber laser marking system.

Lincoln Electric Co. ( launches four new PowerMIG 140 and 180 models of compact MIG and flux-cored wire welders.

Lion Precision ( has upgraded its Spindle Error Analyzer with added capability and automated configuration.

Lista International Corp. ( has new preassembled, modular tool crib cabinet solutions for the safe and efficient storage of drills, taps, reamers, fasteners, hand and cutting tools.