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Rigid spindle for HMC

March 1, 2004
The spindle of the M-H4050 HMC uses four rows of front spindle bearings, instead of two, for rigidity at all speeds. Thermal stability comes from control of heat sources — internally oilcooledballscrews, oil-cooled flange mounts to isolate servomotor
The spindle of the M-H4050 HMC uses four rows of front spindle bearings, instead of two, for rigidity at all speeds. Thermal stability comes from control of heat sources — internally oilcooledballscrews, oil-cooled flange mounts to isolate servomotors, oil-cooled spindle housings and motors, and in-line couplings to thermally isolate spindles and servomotors. A three-point-supported bed and roller-type guideways provide even more rigidity.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America Inc.
Addison, Ill.

Waterjet equipment

Streamline SL-IV Plus waterjet intensifiers feature a long-lasting Hyperlife plunger seal and ceramic plunger, both of which boost uptime. A hard-seal end cap improves maintainability. The SL-IV Plus provides 60,000-psi continuousoperating pressure which, reports the manufacturer, increases cutting speed up to 20% over conventional systems without sacrificing edge quality.

KMT Waterjet Systems
Baxter Springs, Kans.

Program part contours with DRO

The Positip (PT) 880 DRO lets users program 2D-part contours and graphically follow cutting on a large color monitor. The PT 880 has a full-feature readout offering six-axes input for either linear or angular encoders. It accepts absolute scale inputs, which are linear, rotary, or any combination.

Heidenhain Corp.
Schaumburg, Ill.

Radio probe beats interferences

The RMP60 machine tool probe uses frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum radio transmissions (FHSS) for probing 5-axis, large-part, or deep-part machining. The system "hops" transmission between multiple, discrete 1-MHz channels to overcome interferences. FHSS also lets multipleprobe systems and other industrial equipment coexist in "noisy" environments.

Renishaw Inc.
Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Toolpath for tight corners

The Curly Corner toolpath in the upcoming FeatureCAM 2005 software uses a trochoid path through slots and in tight corners to maintain high speed with a more consistent cutter load.It controls the cut width in sharp corners and slots and eliminates sharp transitions in cutter direction. The toolpath adjusts the maximum tool load in proportion to the stepover size for performance.

Engineering Geometry Systems
Salt Lake City

Universal machining

The milling head of the DMC 60 T 5-axis machining center ensures its universal nature in two ways — a 37.5-hp, 12,000-rpm spindle and a B axis with interpolation and 30°-swivel range in each direction beyond the horizontal or vertical for negative angle machining. The B axis is pretensioned by a spur gear for distortion-free power transfer.

DMG America Inc.
Schaumburg, Ill.

HMC features twin pallets

The HMC 400 horizontal machining center's twin 400-mm-diameter pallets lock onto a simultaneous, fourth-axis rotary table with a 13,000-lb holding force. A double enveloping gear on the table and mechanical disk brake with 12 pads ensure ±5-arc sec accuracy and ±1-arc sec repeatability. The pallets feature 20 3 24 3 20-in. X/Y/Z travels. The HMC 400 also features a 10,000-rpm spindle with 1,200-ipm travel rates; heavy-duty, flame-hardened boxways; and rib-reinforced castings.

Fadal Machining Centers
Chatsworth, Calif.

VMC drive connects to spindle

The VM-3 moldmaking VMC sports a 40-taper, 12,000-rpm spindle that uses a special in-line, direct-drive system that connects the motor directly to the spindle for less vibration, heat, and noise. Coolant circulates through a jacket in the machine's head casting for thermal stability. The headstock is also lined with insulating material that prevents radiated heat from affecting the casting. Air circulates through the entire assembly for additional cooling. An electronic thermal-compensation algorithm in the VM-3's control models ballscrew heat and corrects for any expansion that could cause positioning errors.

Haas Automation Inc.
Oxnard, Calif.

Multitasking machine tackles aluminum

The Nexus QTN-250MS multitasking machine features 35-hp, 4,000-rpm advanced integralspindle/motor technology on its main turning spindle for heavy-duty metal removal and high-speed cutting of aluminum and other nonferrous materials. The second spindle has a 6-in. chuck, 10-hp output, and 6,000-rpm maximum speed. An additional rotarytool spindle delivers 7.5 hp and 4,500-rpm maximum speed.

Mazak Corp.
Florence, Ky.

Machine design dampens vibration

The NV4000 VMC's net driving force acts through the center of the axis. The machine features five ballscrews — two on the Y axis, two on the Z, and one on the X — that reduce vibration without sacrificing speed for accuracy. A more-stable platform improves rigidity on all axes and lets machining forces travel across the machine's arch-shaped column and through its bed, forming a closed loop.

Mori Seiki

EDMs sport new NC

The Roboform 350 die-sinking EDMs feature a new generation of numeric controls. Called Dynamic Process Control (DPControl), it suggests ideal electrode undersize, determines the number of electrodes needed, and organizes jobs according to preset priorities. The system's graphics illustrate all machining operations, and electronic manuals give operators easy-to-understand information about the current function.

Lincolnshire, Ill.

Grinder performs I.D. and O.D. work

The S33 universal cylindrical grinder addresses both internal and external applications in a single machine platform. Its center height is 175 mm and between-centers grinding length is either 650 mm or 1,000 mm. The O.D. wheel size is 500 3 80 3 203.8 mm, and chuck capacity between centers is 130 kg. The basic wheelhead indexes at 0° or 30° for straight and angular plunge grinding, and the universal turret wheelhead swivels manually or automatically for external, internal, and face grinding.

United Grinding
Miamisburg, Ohio

CMM measures without the extras

The 7-axis contact/noncontact Laser ScanArm measurement device collects measurement data without third-party attachments, external electronics, or cables. It uses a hard probe to collect simple point variations and a laser scanner for larger data volumes. An auto-material feature samples workpiece surfaces and adjusts the scanner's settings for optimal use. The device also has infinite rotation.

Faro Technologies Inc.
Lake Mary, Fla.

Detect part errors before machining

Vericut CNC machine simulationandoptimization software's latest version includes an Auto-Differencing function that compares cut stock with the design model to locate errors and differences. It also features tools for creating custom reports and a cuttinggraph display to analyze cutting conditions. An X-Caliper measurement utility digitally verifies cut part dimensional accuracy before the NC program loads onto the machine.

Irvine, Calif.

Five-axis machining software additions

PowerMill 5 software sports secondary-axis limiting so the generated program does not move outside any limits in the machine tool's movement range. Contact-point analysis ensures the cutting surface touches only the component. The contact-point feedrate control makes sure feedrates are based on cutting speed instead of the tool tip's rotation rate.

Windsor, Ont.

Software compatible with multitasking machines

Esprit SolidTurnMill software offers factory-certified posts and accurate G-code generation for Mori Seiki, Mazak, and Nakamura machines. SolidMillTurn also tackles specific programming needs of multifunction and Swiss-style lathes and mill-turn machines.

DP Technology
Camarillo, Calif.

Automating repetitive programming

The automatic toolpathing add-on for Mastercam Version 9.1 software computerizes repetitive programming tasks by linking cutting strategies to specific layers containing geometry. The feature automatically scans each layer and programs them with the selected toolpath types. The add-on supports native Mastercam MC9 files and AutoCAD DXF or DWG files and is available for contour, drill, and pocket 2D toolpaths.

CNC Software Inc.
Tolland, Conn.

Manage and monitor machine tools

GE Fanuc's i CellOEE Windowsbased supervisory software manages and monitors multiple CNC machine tools and supports operations such as parts machining, data collection, remote diagnostics, and state-change monitoring. In the event of a failure, the software quickly facilitates operation recovery. Built on GE Fanuc's Cimplicity HMI software, i CellOEE provides OEE data directly from the CNC and is capable of multiple communication interfaces.

GE Fanuc Automation Americas Inc.
Charlottesville, Va.

Machining choices

Surfcam 2003 software's machining functions include 3D offset finishing, to create more uniform toolpaths, and flat surface finishing that identifies flat surfaces to remove points. There is also a dedicated chamfer-milling operation and O-ring-groove milling.

Surfware Inc.
Westlake Village, Calif.

Turning and grooving tools

Valenite's Westec exhibits include the ValTurn turning system with seven carbide grades and 14 top-form geometries; ValTurn ProGrip advanced toolholding system; ValGroove parting-and-grooving system with additional features and options; and ValMill products, including ballnose, square and shoulder, copy, shear, and specialty mills.

Valenite Inc.
Madison Heights, Mich.

Tooling for small-part machining

CoroTurn XS tooling tackles small-part machining in automotive, medical, and watch applications. The inserts fit into boring bars with internal cutting-fluid supplies. Four sizes are available in various hole diameters and lengths.

Sandvik Coromant
Fair Lawn, N.J.

Tool grade turns difficult materials

The TP3000 turning insert grade handles steel and stainless steel applications. It allows for sharp cutting edges to decrease build-up, especially in difficult materials such as soft ductile or stainless steel. Negative and positive inserts and other chipbreaker geometries are available in the TP3000 grade.

Warren, Mich.

Transform RD/ER collet chucks

Precision RDT Quick-Change tapping collets fit any RD/ER collet chuck, transforming them into quick-change/ axialcompensating tapping toolholders. The collets feature a frictionfree, precision ball-bearing drive that practically eliminates tap breakage on machines in need of axial compensation.

Centaur Precision Tools

Secure thin-walled parts

New Carr Lane Roemheld hydraulic clamps and cylinders feature built-in locking pistons for floating clamping of thin-walled workpieces with minimum deformation. The pistons provide light clamping but high-support force that prevents part movement during machining.

Carr Lane Roemheld
St. Louis

Adjustable collets

Sure-Grip expanding-collet systems accommodate various bore sizes through a -0.001 to +0.015-in. under-over capacity. A double-angle design ensures true parallel gripping with maximum grip force, and a built-in safety stop prevents over-expansion of the collet. Standard collets come 1/8 to 4 in. in diameter.

Hardinge Inc.
Elmira, N.Y.