Record Coolant Shipments

Houghton International Inc. (
recently shipped its 10 millionth gallon of Hocut 795 biostable coolant – apparently a milestone for the most gallons shipped of a single brand of coolant. When mixed with water, this amount of coolant concentrate fills more than 30 million sump gallons at 1,200 manufacturing plants worldwide. The company said Hocut 795 has secured more automotive and aerospace approval ratings than other industry coolant to date. It’s also used by hundreds of small and mid-sized machine shops because it can be used with a wide range of machines, is good for medium and heavy duty applications, is resistant to bacterial odor development and has a long sump life. The Hocut 795 coolant line includes Hocut 795-MP, a semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluid and Hocut 795-CU, a coolant formulated for machining red metals such as copper, bronze and brass.

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