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Expansion clamp for ID holding

Expansion clamp for ID holding

Expansion clamp for ID holdingMitee-Bite Products Inc. ( has introduced the new #9 ID Xpansion Clamp for holding lathe parts from an internal diameter in VM C and MC applications. The clamps have an internal holding dimension of 6.89 in. (175 mm) that can be machined down to 1.15 in. (29.21). Concentricity of 0.0005 in. can be held because the clamp is machined to match the individual workpiece.

The flange diameter, the same dimension as the #8 ID Xpansion clamp, is held to a close tolerance for precision mounting of multiple parts on a workcube or fixture plate. Once machined, these lowprofile clamps can be tightened with a hex key or hydraulic pull cylinder. The screw, with the tapered head, goes through the clamp and mounts directly into the fixture plate or pull cylinder for additional rigidity.

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