You can get cad training for as little as $25

One side effect of CAD developers’ constant march toward better, faster, more feature rich software is that users are forced to either invest in a never-ending cycle of training or risk falling behind the product development curve and end up with unsupported, obsolete software. Everyone who has purchased any type of CAD software training – books, CDs, videos or classroom time – knows that such training is expensive. So when a company offers a year’s worth of quality online training on the CAD package of your choice for just $25 (or $95 in some cases), the first question that comes to mind is “What’s the catch?”

What the Internet site I Get It ( is offering has no catch. They are banking on Internet marketing to drive enough people to their site to let them turn a profit.

An individual user can indeed get a year’s worth of online education on the software of their choice for as little as $25. For CAD users in need of improving or updating their skills, I Get It provides a timely, costeffective option. However, I Get It said they plan to increase some of their prices some time after October 1, 2007, so interested users should take advantage of the current low prices while they last.

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