Variable Horizontal Machining Center Designed For Precision

Variable Horizontal Machining Center Designed For Precision

MCM SpA ( has developed a horizontal machining center that can be set up in a variety of configurations for high-speed, precision machining and flexible production.

The company’s Concept machine has a 23.62 cu. in. (600 cu. mm.) workspace with the capacity to accommodate a 15.75 in. by 19.68 in. (400mm x 500mm) pallet, in four, five or six-axis versions. The machine is equipped with a double-pallet drive system for rapid pallet changing.

In addition to offering a variable number of axes, the Concept machining center also can be configured as a multitasking, five-axis mill/turning center. The machine’s rotary axis can be used as a B-axis to allow pallets to rotate on a vertical or a tilting axis, or as a double B-axis for six-axis machining.

The machine is designed to provide feed-rates to 75m/min and high accelerations on linear axes –1g for Yand –Z-axes and 2g for the X-axis.

Based Vigolzone, Italy, MCM designed its Concept machine to be configured as a stand-alone machine, or combined into flexible machining systems for automatic loading/ unloading of pallets and workpieces for general machining, and the automotive, electronics and aerospace industries.

The machine is equipped with GE Fanuc synchronous AC torque motors for high angular acceleration and high torque on its rotary axes. The motors are built with rare-earth magnets to ensure high torque, angular accelerations above 20,000 degrees/s2 and speeds between 75 rpm and 400 rpm.

The machining centers also feature a large base-unit that is positioned on three points, and incorporates the Z-axis guide-ways. The company said that locating the Z-axis ball-screws on each side of the base unit provides a structure that is thermally symmetrical, while placing axial thrusts be along the machine’s center of gravity. Also, the machine has a rigid fixed column mounted on its base-unit to hold the guide ways for its X- and Y-axes to limit inertial forces, and to eliminate oscillatory movements.

That construction gives the machine precision on a compact footprint of 14.5 ft. by 5 ft.

The Concept is equipped with a GE Fanuc Series 16i or 31i CNC and a GE Fanuc motion control package, and a programmable logic control is integrated into the machine to accomplish machine functions including solenoid valve management, auxiliary circuits, tool-changing, lubrication pumps.

The MCM Concept also can be equipped with a wide range of spindles with an HSK-A63 taper.

The machine also is equipped with the MCM Tool Monitor system that checks the power used at the spindle during machining operations.The company said this system helps to prevent tool breakage due to excessive wear or excessive chip buildup, and protects parts, fixtures and the machine from unexpected machining events, while making it possible to use the machine in an unmanned environment.

For additional information contact the Motch & Eichele Company, 34525 Melinz Parkway, Unit 208-C, Eastlake, Ohio, (, telephone 440-918-7800.

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