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Three-turret turning center cuts cycle time

Nakamura-Tome multitasking turning center.

Nakamura-Tome turning/milling center.

Nakamura-Tome has developed a multitasking turning center and a turning/milling center that the company says are designed to increase productivity.

The Super NTY3 has three turrets, each with a Y axis. The multitasking turning center has a footprint measuring 109.45 in. by 77.6 in., and Nakamura-Tome says the machine cuts cycle times by allowing one-pass turning, machining and finishing.

The Super NTY3 offers multi-point machining with process integration, combining turning and milling capabilities. It is equipped with three 6,000-rpm milling motors that the company says can simultaneously machine two flat surfaces on one spindle and one surface on the other. Each turret holds 12 driven or 24 stationary tools for a maximum of 72 tool stations.

The company's Super NTJX multitasking turning center is equipped with Y axes on its upper and lower turrets.

The company says the Super NTJX has a long-stroke upper Y axis that easily accommodates large parts and that the turning center is designed for parts with angular faces.

The machine has milling/drilling capability (including Y-axis machining) on both upper and lower turrets and a B-axis tool spindle with a 40-station automatic tool changer.

Both Nakamura-Tome machines are sold in the United States by Methods Machine Tools, Inc. (

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