Software tracks loading and jobs

Software tracks loading and jobs

JobPack says its TimeView software provides real-time data on shop-floor variables.

JobPack Inc. ( has released a software option —TimeView — designed to give engineers and production managers data on machine loading, capacity availability and late jobs. The software also provides a look-ahead feature to see when capacity on machines or cells of machines becomes available or bottlenecked and allows real-time data analysis for actual time taken versus time estimates for any operation or group of operations. The software makes the data available on a graphical planning board on a desktop computer.

The company says the software can be used to generate machine efficiency and usage reports and machine capacity over any period of time, and it can differentiate between work released to the shop floor and re-work to show how long a job will be in process based on shift definitions and employee availability. JobPack says its software system is designed to allow production staff to review variations and alternatives in job routings across multiple machines and work cells.

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