Smart Mold Components For VX CAD/CAM Users

VX Corporation, ( has announced the integration of VX CAD/CAM with Lib3D, an extensive library of smart mechanical components for mold makers.

Lib3D, a third party product available from VX's Italian distributor, Antares Italia sas, includes a range of mold bases from popular catalogs along with standard mold components such as fasteners, waterlines, sliders and BOM management. When using Lib3D with VX CAD/CAM, complete mold assemblies are automatically generated and completely editable with the VX Mold & Die and End-to-End bundles.

With Lib3D smart components, users can select components for mold assemblies such as fasteners to a series of plates, and Lib3D automatically calculates the required length and clearances, and allocates manufacturing attributes to the resultant holes in the plates. All attributes are "attached" to the components such as supplier, material, code, etc., and are available in the VX BOM and the automatic hole making strategies in VX CAM.

Lib3D also includes a development tool that allows users to build their own standard library of components for assembly automation using the same Lib3D functions as catalogued components. Lib3D is completely integrated with VX CAD/CAM and follows the VX Graphic User Interface standards.

Lib3D is available in two different bundles: Lib3D Basic and Lib3D Advanced. Lib3D Basic includes mold bases and standard fasteners from DME, Futaba and Hasco. Basic is available as a free-of-charge download to all VX Mold&Die and Endto-End customers with VX Version 12 or higher. Lib3D Advanced containsall standard elements and also advanced waterlines, sliders and BOM management. Lib3D Advanced is password protected and requires a paid-up license to use. Lib3D is available from Antares Italia sas and can be downloaded from their website (

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