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Sealants Replace Screws, Rivets and Welds

Sealants Replace Screws, Rivets and Welds

Dow Corning ( is now offering a line of 100 percent silicone adhesives and sealants that offer instant adhesion of 18 lb per square inch. The hot melt sealants provide instant and long-lasting adhesion to various substrates such as aluminum, wood, paints, stainless steel, cast iron and plastics. Dow Corning says the product bonds more completely with a uniform bond, is more durable over time, has lower stress cracking, absorbs stress from thermal expansion and dries to a clear-as-glass finish. Because the sealants adhere instantly, parts joined with it do not have to be kept immobile for full curing. The sealants also feature long open time and pot life, moderate application temperature, low volatile organic content, low odor, non-hazardous formulation and are ultraviolet resistant. Since the strength of the sealants is two to six times greater than traditional pressure sensitive adhesives or bonding tapes, additional mechanical fasteners may no longer be necessary.

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