Quenching Polymer For Induction Hardening

Quenching Polymer For Induction Hardening

Aqua-Quench 245, a polyalkylene glycol-based polymer, was formulated to be used for induction hardening of high hardenability steel alloy parts such as gears, shafts, crankshafts, camshafts, transmission components, ring gears and bearings, as well as other applications that require a slower heat extraction rate. The company says the polymer's combination of ingredients make it more resistant to microbial degradation, which occurs when contaminated preheat treatment processing fluids ride production parts into the quench tank, extending the life of the fluid. Manufacturer Houghton International, Inc. (www.houghtonintl.com), says the product does not leave a deposit on quenched parts or cause a sticky buildup on equipment, and it contains a nitrite-free corrosion inhibitor that protects inductors, limit switches, quench tanks, pipes and fittings.

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