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Probe designed to fit any spindle orientation

Continuing in the development of on-machine probes, Renishaw ( has introduced a machine tool probe that the company says combines advanced optical transmission with simplified installation, setup and programming. The OMP60 probe can be retrofit easily for use on machining centers and mill-turn machines.
Renishaw says its new probe provides high-speed operation in single touch or double touch probing routines. It has a 360-degree infrared optical transmission system with a range of up to 6 meters (19.7 feet) that allows probe operation in any spindle orientation. It uses a revised, modulated optical transmission method to provide a high level of resistance to light interference.
Renishaw says the probe is a compact unit for the harshest machine tool environments, and is targeted for a wide number of applications, including “done in one” production for just-in-time and lean manufacturing operations.
The probe is programmable through the company’s trigger-logic, a programming method that allows users to program probe options without accessing probe internals. This programming method also eliminates the risk of damage due to coolant and debris ingress.
Renishaw says the probe is compatible with its current optical receivers and next generation optical systems, including existing OMM/MI12 and OMI receivers. The OMP60 probe can also be combined with the new OMI-2 integrated receiver and interface.
For more information on the new OMP60 probe, contact Dave Bozich, Product Manager - Machine Tool Probes, Tel: 847-286-9953. Fax: 847-285-9974. Email: [email protected]

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