Precise Simultaneous Five-Axis Machining

Precise Simultaneous Five-Axis Machining

The StarragHeckert LX 151 5-axis machining center
The LX 151 is designed to produce turbine blades and blisks at high speed.
StarragHeckert has patented the axis mechanism for its LX 151 machining center

StarragHeckert AG ( has developed a reputation for designing five-axis, simultaneous machining centers to tackle complex structural parts, and it is pushing its technology further with its new LX 151 machining center.

The LX 151 is designed as a single spindle, 5-axis high-performance machining center for high-precision, simultaneous-5-axis machining of freeform surfaces. It has a monoblock design that features optimum dampening characteristics and high static and dynamic rigidity.

The spindle is designed to tilt the tool, and the company has patented the axis configuration that, it said, guarantees rigidity in machining over the entire length of a work piece. The axis configuration also ensures an optimum flow of chips for removal.

The machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer and coolant.

Also, the machine uses torque drives in all of its rotary axes to ensure precision, and its axis configuration and overall design combine to provide easy access to the machining envelope, and maximum flexibility in machining.

The LX 151 is designed to machine chromium-nickel steel, titanium, nickel-based alloys and titanium alloys for a variety of forms and dimensions for turbine and compressor blades for thermal turbo-engines.

In a demonstration of the machine, it produced a turbine blade that was approximately 6 in. in length from a billet of titanium that was approximately 2 in. square. The LX 151 rough-cut, contoured and finished the turbine blade in a 24-minute cycle.

While StarragHeckert AG is based in Rorschach, Switzerland, the company’s U.S. operations are based in Hebron, Ky., and is available at [email protected].

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