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New Software Released For Robotic Vision Sensors

New Software Released For Robotic Vision Sensors

In-Sight Explorer 3.3 software from Cognex helps integrate In-Sight vision-sensors with robots.

Cognex Corporation ( has released In-Sight Explorer software release 3.3 for use on its In-Sight vision sensors. The new software includes:

  • Non-linear calibration to improve repeatability by correcting for lens and perspective distortion.
  • Robot drivers and sample code to facilitate seamless integrations.
  • PatMax to accurately and reliably locate unfixtured parts.

"Guiding robots with machine vision eliminates costly precision fixturing and allows production lines to process multiple products without tooling changeover," said Kris Nelson, Cognex senior vice president, Vision Sensors.

"Now it's faster than ever to integrate In-Sight vision sensors on virtually every robot platform, giving system integrators the flexibility to use world-class vision tools for part location, identification, inspection and measurement on their robot of choice."

In-Sight Explorer 3.3 is available on a broad range of IP67-rated hardware platforms.

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