New Scanworks V5 Sensor

New Scanworks V5 Sensor

Perceptron, Inc. ( has released their next generation of hand-held 3D laser scanners, the ScanWorks V5 sensor. The V5 scanning rate of up to 458,000 points per second allows users to measure areas quickly while maintaining a dense point resolution of approximately 14 microns (0.0005 in.). Specifically designed for hand-held use, the V5 also projects the sensor's field of view onto the target scanning area so the user can easily visualize the best scanning strategy. With the same traceable high accuracy as the Scanworks V4i scanner of 24 microns (0.0009 in.') at 2 sigma, users can be sure their projects are no longer hampered by any lack of confidence in 3D scanning technology.

The V5 sensor is light and compact enough to facilitate measurement in even the hardest-to-reach areas, while its dynamic range enables the sensor to produce accurate measurements on highly reflective and dark surfaces in all lighting conditions without the need for prior surface treatment.

Along with new hardware offerings, Perceptron has updated their scanning software to include a new MS Windows XP-style interface, intelligent sensor calibration, real-time point shading and improved automatic exposure control.

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