Network of Ribs Tools For 3D Models

Network of Ribs Tools For 3D Models

VX Corporation's ( new network-of-ribs tool is intended to dramatically speed up the task of adding stiffener/support ribs to 3D models.

According to VX, .the new tool complements existing functionality and gives VX(r) users a rich choice of methods to apply, and user input has been minimized to make creation of ribs quick and simple.

Users sketch 2D lines representing the position and pitch of the required ribs. The command then automatically fleshes-out this sparse data to produce a rib structure joined to the model.

Bob Fischer, VX vice president, sales and marketing said "The material thickness and draft allowance angle are user-controlled and may be adjusted at any time. The ribs can be resized or totally redefined quickly and easily should surrounding features be parametrically modified."

VX Corporation also has introduced 3D modeling support for True Type Fonts, that allows any True Type Font on a user's computer to be converted by VX into a vector format for 3D modeling. Users select the font desired and then type text straight into the VX Sketcher. There are a variety of tools available to produce solid or surface geometry from the text. The company said with its new 3D modeling support a planar sketch can be wrapped around any surface to ensure that extruded text is held normal to the surface if required. Draft relief can also be applied to ensure there are no manufacturing problems.

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