The NanoSteel Company patents welding material for hardfacing

The NanoSteel Company patents welding material for hardfacing

The NanoSteel Company (, a producer of nano-structured steel alloys for industrial applications, has commercialized a line of alloys that use the company’s patented Super Hard Steel technology.

The company said its SHS 9700 has an ultra-refined crystalline microstructure that is as much as a thousand times finer than existing solutions, and exhibits hardness to 69 Rc without the use of nickel, molybdenum or tungsten. The SHS 9700 alloy is produced in a range of cored-wire diameters for MIG, openarc and submerged-arc applications and as an atomized powder for PTA applications. The company said the alloy provides wear resistance to five times that of traditional chrome carbide and complex carbide materials in severe abrasion environments.

“The hardfacing market in recent years has been hit hard by the increasing costs of certain raw materials. We set out to design a product that completely eliminated the dependence on these elements while providing significantly better performance,” Dave Paratore, president and chief executive officer of NanoSteel Company, said.

The company stated the improved hardness and wear performance, combined with the cost-effective pricing of the alloy, make it an attractive hardfacing and wear plate welding material for parts and components on ground-engaging tools and materials-processing equipment used in industries such as mining, construction and oil and gas.

SHS 9700 is available in 25-lb and 125-lb to 500-lb bulk spooled wire packaging for MIG/Open-Arc/ Submerged-Arc welding and 10-lb bottle and 25-lb bucket powder packaging for PTA welding. The NanoSteel Company is headquartered in Providence, R.I.

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