Machines Turn In Optimized Processing Time

Machines Turn In Optimized Processing Time

V-shaped tool carrier arrangements on the Index MS22C give shops the freedom to run any tool any where.

Two new machine models optimize part-processing times, says manufacturer Index Traub (

According to Index, the MS22C is a low-cost viable alternative to using 6-axis or 8-axis cam-controlled multispindle automatics, or sliding and fixed headstock automatics, for processing medium-complex turned parts from tough-to-machine materials. What makes this possible is an offering of 62 axes maximum, 12 CNC compound slides, Y axes and synchronous spindles.

A special spindle drum houses the MS22C's six spindles, each with their own individual motor with independent speed control and left, right and stop C-axis capability. Each spindle runs up to 10,000 rpm and provides 18 Nm of torque.

Because the MS22's tool carriers/slides are arranged in a V shape, two CNC slides simultaneously can work on one spindle. Each of the machine's potential 12 slides can perform operations such as O.D., I.D., boring or rotating tool work. Shops are not locked in to running one kind of tool in one position because there is no set order as to where to run what tool on the MS22C. Only the toolholder determines the type of machining. This tool-position flexibility plays a key role in optimizing part processing times, according to Index.

MC22C spindles handle barstock up to 22 mm (0.88 in.), and there is a synchronized spindle with a separate slide that holds up to six backworking tools. Four of these tools can be driven.

Traub's TNX65/42 turn-mill center for bar, chuck and shaft work comes in three versions: the two-turret version, which has an upper and lower turret; the three-turret version with one top turret and two lower turrets; and the full version that packs two upper and two lower turrets. Through a special kinematic design, each turret or tool carrier moves on its own X, Y and Z axis independent of the other turrets and tool carriers. Thus, up to four tools can be working on the same part simultaneously to reduce cycle times. Also, four tools working at one spindle is possible because Traub built in enough Z-axis stroke for a top turret on the right side of the machine to easily reach the main spindle on the left. Four tools in the cut at the same time is especially useful for parts requiring a lot of O.D. work, says the company.

In addition, lower turrets can travel 32 mm (1.28 in.) past/above the machine's spindle centerline. This lets shops drill hole patterns with pitch circles up to 60 mm (2.40 in.) without having to move in the machine's C axis, further reducing part cycle times.

Traub equipped the TNX65/42 with an extended Z-axis travel of 207 mm (8.28 in.) for handling long tools and long parts. The machine has an increased diametrical length that permits the top turrets to accommodate 72-mm-long tools (2.88 in.) and lower turrets 101-mmlong tools (4.04 in.).

The TNX65/42 can run 65-mm (2.6 in.) barstock at spindle speeds up to 5,000 rpm with 32.6 hp and 142 ft-lb torque, or 42-mm(1.68 in.) stock at spindle speeds up to 7,000 rpm with 38 hp and 153 ft-lb torque. Both of the machine's main and counter spindles are identical in design (power and speed).

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