Laser Trackers Accurate Up To .0002 In.

Laser Trackers Accurate Up To .0002 In.

Faro Technologies Inc. ( has released new laser measurement tools capable of .0006 in. and .0002 in. accuracies. The company says its Laser Tracker X and Xi models feature an expanded temperature range for greater adaptability to harsh manufacturing environments. "The new tracker X and Xi are twice as accurate at distance measurement as previous models and continue to provide the most all-around precision of any trackers on the market," said Jay Freeland, president of Faro. "Those advantages, combined with a 66 percent larger temperature range of -15 degrees C to 50 degrees C (5 degrees F to 122 degrees F), make the Faro Laser Trackers the most flexible and cost-efficient laser measurement devices of their kind." Faro Laser Trackers are portable contact measurement systems that use laser technology to accurately measure large parts and machinery across a wide range of industrial applications. Each measures x, y, and z coordinates with its laser by following a hand-held, mirrored, spherical probe that is guided along the surface to be measured. The 3D position of the probe is reported in real-time with high accuracy angular encoders and the models' Xtreme ADM feature. This feature also enables the Faro Laser Tracker to handle beam breaks. If a person or object comes between the Tracker's beam and the probe, the operator can immediately re-acquire the beam and continue measuring without having to hold the target steady to allow for distance to be reset. In addition to offering up to 0.001 in. 3D, single-point accuracy and 230-foot range, both models include Self-Comp - which eliminates the previously time-consuming and operatorintensive compensation process with a one-button, fully automated, fiveminute compensation routine—and Smart Warm-up, which heats them to an optimal temperature in half the time so operators can begin measuring more quickly. The Faro Tracker X model also has an Instant-On Laser for immediate measuring capability.

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