Korean builder unveils advanced technology

Korean builder unveils advanced technology

HIGH SPEED, PRECISION, AND productivity were the overriding themes at the fourth Daewoo International Machine Tool Fair (DIMF) held in Changwon, South Korea. Daewoo treated both its distributors and customers to a showing of 54 machining systems, among wh

The DMV 5025 heavy-duty, high-volume VMC sports Daewoo's new spindle-drive belt-and-pulley setup that reduces heat and noise.

Daewoo's Puma TT 2000s feature twin spindles and twin turrets — both spindles and both turrets deliver equal capacity.

As an inverted vertical turning center with traveling headstock and fixed turret, Daewoo's Puma Inverturn 300 delivers loaderless automation.

As a multi-axis turning center, Daewoo's Puma MX 2000 includes a milling spindle with B-axis rotation for Y-axis machining.

The FV 400 VMC with 2-G acceleration and 35,000-rpm spindle is one of Daewoo's concept machines featuring linear-motor axis drives.

(photo courtesy of Paine Machine Tool, Delta, B.C.)

HIGH SPEED, PRECISION, AND productivity were the overriding themes at the fourth Daewoo International Machine Tool Fair (DIMF) held in Changwon, South Korea. Daewoo treated both its distributors and customers to a showing of 54 machining systems, among which were new VMCs, HMCs, turning centers, and soontobe-released concept machines.

In the VMC section, three new heavy-duty, high-volumeproduction machines took center stage. The first two, the DMV 5025 and DMV 5025/50, incorporate Daewoo's new spindle-drive beltand-pulley setup that reduces heat and noise. Available spindles are a 40-taper, 12,000-rpm, 20-hp model and a 50-taper, 8,000-rpm, 20-hp one.

Built on rigid C frames, the two machines rapid traverse at 945 ipm in X and Y and 787 ipm in Z. They also feature cam-driven automatic toolchangers that hold 24 tools.

The third VMC was the highspeed, traveling-column DVC 400. The machine sports a 40-taper, 25-hp, 10,000-rpm (12,000-rpm optional) direct-coupled spindle; a Y axis measuring 400 mm; and 1,575-ipm rapid traverse. Servomotor power unclamps tools, and the 400's cartridge-type spindle provides easy maintenance. Also featured was a dual-table-type automatic pallet changer.

New Daewoo HMCs drawing attention were the DHP 5000, DHC 500, and DB 250C. Featuring a 500-mm pallet and 40-taper directcoupled spindle, the DHP 5000 provides axis strokes measuring 850, 700, and 750 mm for X, Y, and Z, respectively, along with a rapid traverse of 48 m/min.

The machine's 12,000-rpm (14,000-rpm optional) spindle sports an extended cooling jacket and three-point balancing at the front, coupling, and motor end. A cam-driven toolchanger and servodriven magazine make for a 1.5-sec tool-to-tool change time, while the machine's rotary-shuttle automatic pallet changer indexes in 8 sec.

Like DHP 5000s, DHC 500s pack 500-mm pallets and 40-taper, directcoupled spindles with extended cooling jackets and three-point balancing. Spindles turn up to 10,000 rpm, and axis travels measure 850 mm in X, 700 mm in Y, and 750 mm in Z.

Daewoo's DB 250C is a horizontal CNC travelingcolumn boring and milling machine for high-volume, wide-axis applications. It features a 6,000-rpm, quilltype, high-speed spindle head with six bearings for support and a W-axis clamping device that holds with hydraulic power.

Machine travels for X, Y, Z, and W are 3,000, 2,000, 1,600, and 500 mm. Capable of handling loads weighing up to 15,000 kg and automatically adjusting for backlash, the 250C's rotary table features Daewoo's new double-pinion drive system with a Heidenhain rotary encoder at its center.

When it came to turning centers, DIMF gave visitors a sneak peek at what's new for 2004. These machines included the Puma Inverturn 300, Puma 240-2SP, Puma V400, Puma TT 2000, and Puma MX 2000.

The Inverturn 300 is an inverted vertical turning center with a traveling headstock and fixed turret. To provide loaderless automation, the machine's spindle moves on an X axis to a load area, picks up a workpiece, and takes it to the turret. This eliminates the need for part grippers, chucks, or jaws.

Various machine configurations are available, such as a milling version with 30-hp, 4,000-rpm spindle. Also, as an option, users can add a part conveyor.

Another new inverted turning center is the Puma V400. With a standard 304-mm chuck and 381-mm optional one, the machine cuts part diameters up to 500.38 mm and lengths to 459.7 mm. Axes ride on boxways, and there is an available mill-turn option.

Resting on a separated two-bed base, Daewoo's Puma 240-2SP is a turning center housing two spindles and a built-in gantry loader as an option. Available chuck sizes are 152.4, 203.2, and 254 mm, along with two gantry loader options for 150 or 210-mm-diameter work.

The Puma TT 2000, with an 203.2-mm chuck and 66.7-mmdiameter bar capacity, and its counterpart, the Puma TT 2500 with a 254-mm chuck and 76.2-mmdiameter bar capacity, both feature twin spindles and twin turrets. Both spindles and both turrets deliver equal capacity.

Because of their modular constructions, both these multifunction turning centers are configurable into different versions. They rest on 45° slant-bed bases with ground boxways and separate coolant tanks.

Upper turrets provide either turn, mill-turn, or mill-turn plus Y capabilities, while the lower turret does turn or turn-mill. Both the left and right spindles accommodate turn and mill-turning. These turret and spindle capabilities offer users various machining options, including simultaneous turning at both spindles; synchronized spindles for simultaneous turning of one part; simultaneous balanced turning; simultaneous O.D. and I.D. cutting; and pinch turning.

Like the Puma TT 2000 and TT 2500, Daewoo's Puma MX 2000 sports a 203.2-mm chuck, while its Puma MX 2500's is 254 mm. Both these multi-axis turning centers feature a milling spindle with B-axis rotary range of ±120°.

A 20-hp motor drives the 10,000-rpm spindle that uses flange-contact toolholding and lets users do Y-axis machining. In addition, the Y axis is a double-slide wedge type with a 160-mm (±80-mm) travel and a 630-ipm rapid.

Along with milling spindles, the MX 2000 has a 5,000-rpm left-side spindle, and the MX 2500 carries both left and right-side spindles with 3,500-rpm capability. In addition to twin spindles, the MX 2500 features a servo-indexed, 12-station lower turret. Also like the Puma TTs, the two MXs come in different versions because of their modular constructions.

As if its new HMCs, VMCs, and turning centers weren't enough, Daewoo showcased several concept machines at DIMF 2003. These included a linear-motor HMC, VMC, and mill/turn center.

The linear-motor HMC, called the FH 500, delivers a 2-G feed acceleration and sports a 35,000-rpm spindle. Its resinconcrete base dampens vibration and provides thermal stability for the machine's X, Y, and Z-axis travels measuring 630, 630, and 500 mm. Daewoo's linear-motor VMC, the FV 400, also accelerates at 2 G, features a 35,000-rpm spindle, and rests on a resin-concrete base.

On its linear-motor mill-turn center, the Puma 1500M, Daewoo equips a 6,000-rpm main spindle. The machine accelerates at 1 G and rapids as fast as 40 m/min. Its C-axis spindle indexes at 0.001° increments.

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