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June machine tool consumption climbs

June machine tool consumption climbs

Machine tool consumption continues its upswing.

Machine tool consumption continues its upswing. The U.S. Machine Tool Consumption report by AMT — The Association For Manufacturing Technology and the American Machine Tool Distributors' Assoc. (AMTDA) shows June tool consumption 6.3 percent higher over May results and 0.9 percent higher than what was reported for June 2004.

June machine tool consumption totaled $269 million. For the year, 2005 is up 14.8 percent compared with 2004, with a year-to-date total of $1,478.55 million. "The rebound of U.S. manufacturing is also reflected in the continued gains for business investment in advanced manufacturing technology, says AMT President John B. Byrd III. The regional breakdown for June 2005 and its comparison to May 2005 are: West - $44.39 million/+34.4 percent Central - $59.86 million/+17.9 percent South - $33.01 million/-13.2 percent Midwest - $93.65 million/-0.7 percent Northeast - $38.08 million/+3.2 percent

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