Innovations in Dros

The QC300 DRO combines several functions.

The Quadra-Chek 300 (QC300) from Metronics Inc. is designed as a powerful and cost-effective digital readout system to reduce errors, speed inspection and increase accuracy and reliability. Metronics ( says the easy-to-use system advances video inspection technology by combining video display, a cross-line generator and automated edge detection in one, compact unit.

The QC300 features a large, high-resolution liquid crystal display monitor for vivid, fullcolor part displays, 2D measurements and controls, and an integrated, direct camera input that provides "live feed" video display. Parts and video measuring routines appear in one line of sight on the screen. The system also offers automated video edge detection that removes operator subjectivity so that errors are reduced. Other features include alpha-numeric program naming, user messages and arrow-totarget stage directions to operators.

The system's automatic point entry is based on stage movement to the correct position. It is designed to deliver fast measuring throughput.

Metronics offers four video tools with the integrated video edgedetection option: straight crossline, offset crossline, single edge and multi-edge. Straight crossline lets operators select edge positions. Offset crossline is for locating difficult edges. Single edge detection finds a point along an edge within a circular target automatically, and multi-edge detection has arrow targets that direct stage positioning for multiple points along an edge.

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