Hydromat Inc. launches Edge Technologies for bar feeders

Hydromat Inc. launches Edge Technologies for bar feeders

Edge Technologies' bar feeders are supplied by FMB.

Hydromat Inc. (www.hydromat.com) launched a stand-alone division that will be responsible for the company's line of bar feeders, its line of parts cleaning systems and additional products in the future.

Edge Technologies (www.edgetechnologies.com) will be responsible for a line of FMB bar feeders and for its Dƒrr Ecoclean series of parts cleaning systems.

Hydromat ended a 20-year relationship with an Italian bar-feeder manufacturer at the end of 2005, and launched Edge Technologies as it began a relationship with FMB.

Kevin Meehan, general manager of Edge Technologies, says his company is adding new products because of the relationship.

Hydromat has been known as a supplier of large bar feeders and loading magazines, and now has started to stock an economy model, short-bar loader designed for Swiss lathes. The smaller bar feeder will be sold under the "Minuteman" brand name, and has the capacity to feed bar stock with diameters up to 0.7874 in. (20 mm), he says.

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