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Compact Machining Center With Job Shops In Mind.

Compact Machining Center With Job Shops In Mind.

DMG America ( has released its DMC 55/65 H duoBLOCK compact horizontal machining centers with a 15.77 in. by 15.7-in. or 19.7 in. by 19.7-in. pallet. The new machines expand the capabilities of the Deckel Maho DMC H series machines. DMG said the new machines are the most precise in their class. Slanted Z covers are designed for easy chip disposal and make this machine suited for dry machining and minimum quantity lubrication. Optimal access to the work area allows fast and easy tooling and retooling. Work areas are 19.7 in. by 23.6 in. by 23.6 in. or 27.6 in. by 27.6 in. by 27.6 in. Maximum load weight is 1,102 lbs for the 55 model and 1,322 lbs for the 65 model. The machines vertical chain magazines with up to 180 tools and fast double grippers. Spindle options include 12,000-rpm and 18,000-rpm versions. Positioning accuracy in the X, Y and Z-axis is ± 0.0001 in. with repeat accuracy in all axes of ± 0.00004 in.

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