Cimatron Offers New Toolshop Package

Cimatron Offers New Toolshop Package

Cimatron North America ( is offering a new version of their flagship CAD/CAM suite, Version 7.1 of CimatronE. The new release offers change management, hybrid CAD functions optimized for tooling, new and improved applicative tools, and enhanced catalog capabilities. Cimatron says its E 7.1 software is a best-of-breed integrated solution for mold designers.

CimatronE Version 7.1 features a micro milling CNC application and advanced 5-axis milling. Cimatron's new dedicated software for 5-Axis production gives experts productive tools they need to create highly-efficient, gouge-free toolpaths that produce complex parts with high surface quality. It enables 5-Axis NC manufacturers to gain greater efficiency and achieve shorter delivery times.

Also new to the Cimatron suite is an innovative Electrode supplement, CimaronE EDM which automates the task of manually programming EDM Die Sinkers. Tailored to individual EDM machines and specific user needs, Cimatron says its CimatronE EDM eliminates human errors and reduces programming times.

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