The Case for Multi-Tasking

Why do manufacturers opt for multi-tasking machine tools? Here are some of the reasons why: Reduces direct cost -- fewer machines, fixtures and tools, and far less labor. Slashes non-value-added time, multiple setups, part handling and queue time.

  • Compresses lead-time—from days or weeks to hours. Improves cash flow—smaller, frequent shipments on customer demand.
  • Reduces work-in-process (WIP) inventories—releasing cash for operating/investment. Improves part accuracy—no tolerance build-up from multiple setups.
  • Reduces indirect costs—less floor space, utilities and maintenance.
  • Reduces lot sizes with no cost penalty —lots of one or assembly kits.
  • Runs “lights out” with automation — more cutting time with no added labor.
  • Improves customer satisfaction. Improves competitiveness through new customers and markets. Increases profitability.
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