Stand-Alone Balancing Machine for 95% Improvement

RUSH MACHINERY will be demonstrating its BMT200-OP140 balancing machine at the 2024 International Manufacturing Technology Show – booth 237233. This stand-alone machine is designed to balance mounted grinding wheels, wheel packs, and cutting tools, which leads to approximately 95% imbalance reduction. With one or two plane options available, integrating a balancing machine into the manufacturing workflow promotes increased production efficiencies, longer tool life, and improved part finishes.

Rush Machinery supplies quality products and service that help machining operations grind parts better. It builds and services an extensive line of production and support machines for industries that use diamond and CBN wheels and work with carbide and other hard materials.

The full range of machines are available for:

  • Truing and dressing diamond/CBN wheels;
  • Cutting off carbide/HSS rods and tools;
  • Cutting, pre-pointing, and chamfering carbide/HSS rods;
  • Chamfering carbide/HSS rods;
  • Balancing wheels and tools; grinding PCD tools; filtering grinding oil; and
  • Sharpening drills and tools.

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